This is it !

It has already leaked on Twitter and on some blogs, eXo and JBoss released the latest and greatest GateIn 3.0 Beta 3.
The changelog is quite large so I will only emphasize the fact that we worked a lot on performance improvement and fixed a lot of reported issues.

GateIn is now also available in Spanish thanks to David Calente who contributed that translation, thank you !

We also added some basic examples of portlets to show the required configuration files. We hope to find the time to go through them on this blog but you can already have a look here. (note the empty web.xml file, less configuration, less headaches).

If you happen to understand French, Nicolas Martignole wrote a series of articles on GateIn Portal, thank you Nicolas:
As usual, you can download GateIn from here:

Last but not least, we've open a section about contributions around GateIn that are not necessarily part of GateIn, the two first references are from Julien Viet (eXo), we hope to list external contributions, you can propose them to the mailing list for contributors, the IRC channel for contributors, or by contacting one of us.

Thanks to the Twitterers for sharing your positive experience. Remember we are here.

Want to be part of the GateIn story ? Join us now is the best time !

Thanks you all for the support, we'll keep working hard.