If you are migrating from the 1.0 bridge or are following along with older articles or screencasts, you will need to know the following changes to develop your JSF portlet on the latest 2.0 bridge.

  1. There are 2 extensions (a.k.a. Bridgelets) in the old 1.0 bridge that have been incorporated into the core codebase. These are now available without adding any additional dependencies to your project.
    First is the SSO extension which is now configurable in components.xml:

    Second is the RichFaces script wrapper which is now disabled or enabled in web.xml as a context param:


  2. Pay attention to the renaming of the render policy context param, especially if you are writing a JSF portlet which uses JSPs:


Those are the basic changes you need to know. As always, refer to the latest 2.0 documentation here if you run into any problems. Or shoot us a message on the forums.