While the project is stabilizing, there are few issues left that are being worked on such as:
  • JCR clustering based on JBoss Cache for fault tolerance
  • Portal failover
  • i18n
  • WSRP
JCR clustering:
The JBoss-eXo partnership opened the doors to have a deep discussion and some work done at the clustering layer of eXo JCR. Previous implementation of eXo JCR was using jGroups directly and is now using JBoss Cache which enables a much larger choice of configurations depending on users' needs. While the Beta05 release will ship in with the previous implementation, the coming CR1 release will embed the new one.

Portal failover:
Noone likes his navigation to be resetted, even if the machine that serves him dies. Navigation failover is a time consuming job that requires proper testing. If you are aware of issues, please let us know.

i18n is always a tedious job and the translations usually come from community (always remember to contribute ;) ) based on free time people have. We just got support for Korean and this will make its way in the Beta 5 release but we are planning to welcome new supported languages such as Japanese and Traditional chinese in the coming weeks (By CR1). i18n is the easiest approach to the project for contributors, please contact us if interested.

The goal for GateIn 3.0 is to reach the same feature set as in JBoss Portal 2.7, also to make a proper integration it has been decided to fully rewrite the administration portlet using WebUI the component-model framework used by all the administration portlets. None of them are using JSF which enables users to not have to worry about clashes between their JSF portlets and the shipped-in ones.

For those reasons, we can't claim the next release as being a Candidate for a Release (CR). We've then decided to introduce a new Beta release and shift the planned released by a month. As you may have seen we are trying to keep a monthly based released until we reach the final release.

So far we've released:
  • 3.0.0-Beta01  on 03/Sep/09
  • 3.0.0-Beta02  on   21/Oct/09
  • 3.0.0-Beta03  on   27/Nov/09
  • 3.0.0-Beta04  on   22/Dec/09
And now we plan the following dates:  (Usually corresponds to the code freeze, available bits come few days after):
  • 3.0.0-Beta05  on  15/Jan/10
  • 3.0.0-CR01  on  12/Feb/10
  • 3.0.0-GA  on  12/March/10
Thanks everyone !

Note: this new plan doesn't affect the release of the Enterprise Portal Platform 5.