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We are all very happy to announce the release of GateIn 3.0, 141 issues have been closed for this release. Impressive !

We've even added a new deployable skin as a demo, and I think it looks good :)

We are very thankful to all the people who helped along the way and our congratulations to Luca Stancapiano again who was granted write access on our repository. But also to the people who helped by reporting issues in our forum, such as Hardy Massen, thank you for your reports and patience !

As usual you can download the bits from here.

Now this is just the beginning, we count on you to make comments in our forums and we will work hard on more documentation/articles/screencasts now that things are cooling down development wise.
In parallel people are working on the EPP 5 (Enterprise Portal Platform) product that will be based on EAP 5 + GateIn.

Want to hear more about GateIn ? Don't miss our coming events:
March 18th 2010

Webinar -  Register (Free)
GateIn and the Future of Portals
Jason Andersen (Red Hat) and  Tugdual Grall (eXo)

March 24th 2010

Webinar -  Register (Free)
Intro to Chromattic and CRaSH, Tools in the GateIn Portal Framework
Julien Viet (eXo)

June 21st 2010

JUDCon - Boston, USA
3 sessions planned, more info to come...

June 24th 2010

JBoss World 2010 - Boston, USA - Register
Introduction to the JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform 5
Thomas Heute (Red Hat)
Social Publishing on JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform
Benjamin Paillereau (eXo)

Again, thanks everyone and please spread the news :)

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