It's been yet another busy month for the GateIn developers.

We just shipped the first candidate for a 3.1 release, it's available at the usual place.

The full release note is available here including performance improvement and memory consumption reduction.

Want to hear about GateIn ? Several opportunities in June, either in Zurich (Switzerland) or the several talks at JBoss World and JudCon in Boston this year:

June 1st 2010

Jazoon - Zurich, Switzerland
If You Know JSF, You Know Portals and Portlets
Wesley Hales (Red Hat)

June 21st 2010

JUDCon - Boston, USA (Free, live)
Get started with GateIn Portal !
Thomas Heute (Red Hat)
Building and porting applications for GateIn Portal
Thomas Heute (Red Hat)
JBoss Portlet Bridge
Wesley Hales (Red Hat)

June 23th 2010

JBoss World 2010 - Boston, USA - Register (live)
Portals, Presentation, Open Choice, & You
Jason Andersen (Red Hat)

June 24th 2010

JBoss World 2010 - Boston, USA - Register (live)
Introduction to the JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform 5
Thomas Heute (Red Hat)
Social Publishing on JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform
Benjamin Paillereau (eXo)

Again, thanks to all the participants !