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GateIn 3.1 CR1

Posted by theute May 26, 2010
It's been yet another busy month for the GateIn developers.

We just shipped the first candidate for a 3.1 release, it's available at the usual place.

The full release note is available here including performance improvement and memory consumption reduction.

Want to hear about GateIn ? Several opportunities in June, either in Zurich (Switzerland) or the several talks at JBoss World and JudCon in Boston this year:

June 1st 2010

Jazoon - Zurich, Switzerland
If You Know JSF, You Know Portals and Portlets
Wesley Hales (Red Hat)

June 21st 2010

JUDCon - Boston, USA (Free, live)
Get started with GateIn Portal !
Thomas Heute (Red Hat)
Building and porting applications for GateIn Portal
Thomas Heute (Red Hat)
JBoss Portlet Bridge
Wesley Hales (Red Hat)

June 23th 2010

JBoss World 2010 - Boston, USA - Register (live)
Portals, Presentation, Open Choice, & You
Jason Andersen (Red Hat)

June 24th 2010

JBoss World 2010 - Boston, USA - Register (live)
Introduction to the JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform 5
Thomas Heute (Red Hat)
Social Publishing on JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform
Benjamin Paillereau (eXo)

Again, thanks to all the participants !
Just on the heels of the JBoss Portlet Bridge 2.0 Final release, we are full steam ahead on JSF 2.0 running in a portlet. This "tech preview" release is purely for the community and to gain some support in helping us squash bugs and test the JSF 2.0 features. We will be adding RichFaces and Weld support as time progresses, but for now we want to get JSF 2.0 running solid in a portlet.

So fire up your command line with this Maven archetype and get started:
mvn archetype:generate -DarchetypeGroupId=org.jboss.portletbridge.archetypes -DarchetypeArtifactId=2.0-basic -DarchetypeVersion=3.0.0.ALPHA -DgroupId=org.whatever.project -DartifactId=jsf2project -Dversion=3.0.0.ALPHA -DarchetypeRepository=

This has only been tested on the GateIn+Tomcat bundle located here.

Like always, help and bug reports are always welcome. If you find anything, let us know in the forums or report it on Jira.

The JBoss Portlet Bridge project is happy to announce the 2.0.0 Final release (notes) of the JSR-329 (Portlet 2.0) draft specification. Although the spec is not anywhere near final, we feel that running the combination of JSF 1.2, Richfaces, and Seam has become stable enough for a final release. With that said, I want to give a great big shout-out to all of the community and team members who've gotten us to this point...
Alexander Smirnov - "The man behind the curtain" has been vital to this projects success.
Prabhat Jha - Our fearless tester/developer
Alex Sun - (provided many early patches)
Stefan Tausendpfund - Recently approved committer/contributor!
Waldemar Klaczynski - JSF 2.0 implementation
Guillaume Bitaudeau, Snjezana Peco, Jan Jamrich, Gary Hu, Rafael Liu, and the many other kind folks who helped out.... Thanks again! If you want to join the project or have an idea to make it better, you're welcome to hop on the PBR jira or forums and get started. If you've already been helping out or submitted patches and want to become a committer, send me an email.

Ok, so enough boring stuff, I have a special treat for all of you who enjoy watching a good screencast. This time I'm covering portlet 2.0 best practices and how to communicate between JSF portlets. So sit back, grab a beer (or water if still at work :) and watch my fancy portlet bridge foot work ;)
btw, The next release will focus on JSF 2.0 and will be available within the next few weeks as a tech preview.

JBoss Portlet Bridge Episode 6 : 2.0.0 FINAL and Best Practices for JSF IPC

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