Navigation is an important concept of GateIn, it allows to organize web pages as a hierarchical navigation tree for portals and groups. We have been working hard to improve this part of GateIn and one of the most awaited feature asked by our community is about providing a fully internationalization support of navigation node.


Internationalization in navigation was supported until now with the help of resource bundles by providing a label containing a specific expression (like ${portal.home} for instance). While this works fine it is sometime not dynamic enough as it requires to update a resource bundle when a new navigation node is added to handle custom resource bundle keys.


The next version of GateIn will support fully dynamic support of navigation i18n. The setup can be done easily in navigation.xml file in a similar fashion of portlet.xml (using the xml:lang attribute to specify a language) deployment descriptor.



This feature will soon be extended with a UI to allow modification at runtime in the web administration, I'll follow up with screenshots.