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Many exciting things have been happening in the project lately and I would like to share some of them with you!


First of all GateIn Portal project blog has been moved to the as we want to focus more on our community space here. All previous posts were imported so old content is secured. Julien already tested new blog with his "Sneak preview of GateIn navigation i18n" and stay tuned for more new content here!


It is a big honor for me to announce that last month I was promoted to GateIn Portal Project Lead on the Red Hat side and I will be co leading this effort with Julien Viet on eXo side. Thomas Heute who held this position before became Technical Development Manager at Red Hat and will focus more on long term strategy for GateIn and JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform. Please check out his blog about product side of portals at


This is a bit special moment for me as I have been involved into GateIn and JBoss Portal since very early days. It was an amazing ride to see how project has evolved under leadership of Julien Viet and Thomas Heute during past few years and I'm really excited about the future! 


Speaking about the future... it has been a while since we released major version of GateIn so we decided it is high time to change that. Therefore we have just tagged and published GateIn 3.2.0 M01. Please visit our downloads page to grab binaries to play with it yourself!


What is new and cool? To just name two here as we are going to share more details about 3.2.0 in a separated blog entry! :


- Support for new containers - Jetty, Tomcat 7 and JBoss Application Server 6!

- Plenty of of bug fixes and minor improvements that accumulated since 3.1.


Check out full list of resolved issues in JIRA. There are 390 related JIRAs!!!


We are looking forward to release more often. There are quite a few big feature and performance improvements that we work on so expect new milestone releases coming soon and 3.2.0 Final closer on the horizon!

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