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GateIn Portal 3.6.0.Final

Posted by bdaw Jul 1, 2013

I am are proud to announce GateIn Portal 3.6.0.Final release.


This is the outcome of several months of hard work of all developers involved in this project. Here I would like to thank everyone who helped make this release a reality.


For the past month and after Beta02 we have been mainly focused on fixing bugs. You can see the effect in Release Notes with 79 solved issues.


All key features have already been covered when announcing Beta01 and Beta02. Therefore I would like to just mention them briefly:



It is not possible to share enough details regarding all of new features in just one blog post. Therefore instead we decided to provide you with better coverage of all exciting improvements coming in GateIn Portal 3.6.0.Final. During next few weeks you can expect developers involved in the project to regularly post new articles or screencasts here. Stay tuned!


So what is comming next? We are switching focus to work on 3.7 release to follow. Let us know if there are any particular features you are interested in or you would be willing to contribute to. In parallel Julien is working on next gen architecture for GateIn 4.0.


Enjoy new GateIn 3.6.0.Final. Download and try it out while it is hot

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