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We have been busy working on new features since we released GateIn 3.6. Today, I would like to announce two new versions of the Portal: 3.7.0.Final and 3.8.0.Beta01. Both of them are available for download already. They will be followed by the version 3.8.0.Final within a couple of weeks.

New and noteworthy in GateIn 3.7.0.Final


New and noteworthy in GateIn 3.8.0.Beta01

  • There is no JBoss AS 7 distribution any more. JBoss AS 7 was replaced with JBoss EAP 6.3.0.Alpha.
  • Page Composition API - An enhancement of the Portal Public API allowing to create and edit page content, i.e. add and remove portlets and layout containers. See the Page Composition API section of GateIn Documentation.
  • Automatic way to update all sites at once (Portal, groups and user sites). See GTNPORTAL-3328 and Working with Templates chapter of GateIn documentation.
  • Impersonation - Portal administrator can now view another user's customized dashboard/pages without logging out. See GTNPORTAL-2662 and the Impersonation chapter of GateIn documentation.
  • Experimental support for large third party JavaScript frameworks, such as Dojo. See Native AMD Modules in GateIn documentation.
  • Public Render Parameters can be now propagated to a different page. See GTNPORTAL-3369.
  • Navigation nodes can be defined with external links. See GTNPORTAL-2428 and the specification if the feature: Custom Navigaton Node Properties
  • Login validation and accounts expiration can be additionally customized. See GTNPORTAL-3402.
  • Pages can be completely hidden using check-box and date-control, see GTNPORTAL-3370.
  • General markup review and cleanup and greater alignment and consistency with W3C validation.
  • All features, bug fixes and minor enhancements are listed in GateIn 3.8.0.Beta01 Release Notes.

Download here to try it out. Your feedback is welcome in GateIn Forums. Please report issues in GateIn Jira.

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