• jboos stop

      i need solution for this problem
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  • gatein-portal-3.7.0.Final maven dependency issue

    I am trying to build gatein portal with jboss eap. I have followed the instruction as seen on gatein-portal/packaging/jboss-as7 at 3.7.0.Final · gatein/gatein-portal · GitHub   I tried with other vers...
  • Migrating from jboss portal to Gatein

    Hello everyone I want to migrate my project from jboss portal to gatein release. so i need to see a demo project if provided by anyone or any help regarding it that how i can configure my new project in gatein and whi...
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  • assign componentId to portlet

    With Gatein, is there a way to assign componentId to a portlet? I want to be able to form a URL like this send an action request to the portlet whose componentId would be myPortlet http://www.mysite.com/portal/my-po...
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  • How to keep login modal diaglog up when login fails

    Hi, I created a portal extension, and everything works fine. The default behavior would show the extension login page if login attempt fails. I want to just customize the login process so that the login modal dialo...
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    created by qndn1
  • migrating from jboss portal 2.6.5

    I am migrating portlets from jboss portal 2.6.5.GA to Gatein and the problem I am facing with right now is I can't find a replacement for the ability to set portlet's initial-mode. In Jboss 2.6.5, a portlet can be con...
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  • How to configure JSP as home page instead of portlet

    Hi Friends,   I am new to gatein portal server. I tried to import an application which contains a jsp page as my home page then it has to redirect to a portlet. For that i declared jsp in <welcome-file-list&g...
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    created by vasavimonika
  • Fine grained authorization within the content of portlet in a portlet application

    Can anyone please guide me how to do fine grained authorization of the content of a portlet. I mean certain portions within the portlet should be visible to certain users/roles. I would like to have this authorization...
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  • GateIn portal is not starting

    Hi All,   I am new to GateIn. I tried to install GateIn with an existing JBoss AS 7.1.1.Final. Bellow are the stepts that I followed, but in the end I've got 404 - resource not found error when typing http://lo...
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