• Migration of GateIn portlets from JBoss AS 6.1.0-FINAL. to JBoss EAP 7.1

    Hi Team, We are planning to migrate GateIn portlets from JBoss AS 6.1.0-FINAL to JBoss EAP 7.1. Could you please suggest is it feasible to migrate to JBoss EAP 7.1? If not feasible please suggest alternatives for the ...
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  • Jboss + GateIn Portal session configurations

    Hi everybody,   ii know there are a lot of questions about the same or similar topics but unfortunately i could not found a solution to mine yet.   So here is the problem definition:    ...
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  • JQuery AJAX calls within portlet jsp pages

    I have tried to add JQuery AJAX calls in jsp page within portlet in the following way ..   1- Added code into JSP page <script type="text/javascript">         &#...
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  • jboos stop

      i need solution for this problem
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  • GateIn session timeout does not invalidate the portlet's session

    After the gatein session times out, the portlet's session is not invalidated. Consequently, the pages are still active and user can access lines that does not need gatein authentication. When CAS+LDAP is integrated wi...
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  • How to customize the banner portlet ?

    Hi,   I downloaded and installed Red Hat JBoss Portal - Version 6.2.0.GA, then I created a new portal. Now, I would like to customize it completely, including changing the logo, etc. Going in Sites->Manage Si...
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    created by simplex-software
  • How to download?

    The download page "GateIn Portal - Downloads - JBoss Community " doesn't have latest version (4.0) of GateIn Portal instead it shows  "JBoss Portal built from GateIn 3.6" and its link show 404 page on red hat sit...
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  • Thinking in AngularJS” if I have a jQuery background? [closed]

    Suppose I'm familiar with developing client-side applications in jQuery, but now I'd like to start using AngularJS. Can you describe the paradigm shift that is necessary? Here are a few questions that might help you f...
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  • How do I get started as a developer?

    I have been looking for a reputable platform to get started as a web developer and this same question has been popping up with no answer.   How can someone new to development learn from scratch and also for a re...
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  • Gatein Documentation

    Hi,   I am working on a project to migrate from Gatein to Liferay portal. I googled info on the portlet bridge but couldn't get much,   Would appreciate if anyone shares it with me.
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  • Install Gatein to existing server  WildFly

    Hi,   There is some info, how to install the last version of Gatein on WildFly?
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  • How can I integrate GateIn with WildFly?

    I am trying to integrate GateIn with WildFly 9.0.2.Final. My thinking is that clone the latest GateIn source codes from Github first, and then maven install with WildFly 9.0.2.Final. WildFly 9.0.2.Final is required,...
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  • OrganizationService

    Hi, I've got problem that OrganizationService is not updated when application is working, changes are visible only after server restart. This leads to situation that if ldap is modified manualy or by some other ...
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    created by sowa
  • Gatein doesn't install on existing JBoss 7.2.0

    Dear users, please help me with my issue.   I'm trying to install gatein on existing jboss. The same issue was described there - https://community.jboss.org/thread/224152 . It was helpful topic, but after all st...
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  • Exo Content Management in Gate in 3.8.1 or Jboss Portal 6.1.0 Final

    Hi everybody, I'm researching about wcm for gatein but I can't find a good solution, I need something more structured; I saw a video of WCM for Gatein 3.0 but I don't know if exists a new version and a tutorial to hel...
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  • GateIn startup problem in Eclipse

    Hi there folks. I'm a newbe around here and I'm having trouble properly starting GateIn (both Tomcat and JBoss bundle) in Eclipse. The server  starts just fine from command line and the sample-portal is working...
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  • gatein-portal-3.7.0.Final maven dependency issue

    I am trying to build gatein portal with jboss eap. I have followed the instruction as seen on gatein-portal/packaging/jboss-as7 at 3.7.0.Final · gatein/gatein-portal · GitHub   I tried with other vers...
  • Mysql connection to idm/jcr lost after a period of inactivity

    Hi All,   I have a web application deployed in GateIn3.6 with JBoss AS 7. We have connected to GateIn's idm/jcr databases via Mysql.But now, we face a issue.Its connection is lost when the application is inactiv...
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    created by poornima.abhi
  • gatein 4

    How is is going the developing in Gatein 4? I see the github branch is not used since one year about. gatein/gatein-portal at 4.0.0 · GitHub  . Is the developing stopped? I see the in the eXo repository a br...
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  • Action Phase Redirect Render

    Does anyone know if Gatein does redirect to render phase after an action request? In other words, does it implement Post-Redirect-Get pattern in post,action request?
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