• How to build the JBPM-Designer-standalone with tomcat war file?

    Hi Team,   I want to build the JBPM-Designer-standalone with tomcat. How to build the war file?   Regards, Naresh T
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    created by nareshlearner
  • BRMS 6.4.0 - Can't git push to the project repository

    Hello,   I have a configuration in which I run an Ubuntu guest on a Windows host. On the host, I'm using JBoss BRMS 6.4.0. In business-central, I created a new project having its associated GIT repository at git...
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    created by simplex-software
  • HTTP Status 500 – Internal Server Error when i upload  artifacts

    i get the error message below when i upload a artifact ,i think because of  my company's local  server forbid internet connection but access internet with proxy server,so how can i setting  proxy server...
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    created by andy-li
  • Cannot access remote KIE maven repo - Unauthorized access 401

    Using the latest 6.5 version, we are getting unauthorized access error. From the other posts I see that this issue was resolved in earlier versions but wondering if this issue was introduced again in 6.5. I tried this...
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    last modified by sbiradar75
  • Connect to Hive server from Jboss data virtualization

    Hi All, Need to connect to Hive(Hadoop) from Jboss data virtualization. Can anyone help me with URL or information please.... So that i can connect.   Thanks, Biswajeet
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  • Logging to DB

    Hi all,   I would like to persist all Business Central and KIE Execution Server logs to a DB and as far as I can tell this is only possible using DBAppender with Logback?   I've been trying to setup Logbac...
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    created by gravityblast
  • Drools 6.0 | Workbench Authentication | JAAS | NOT Authorized

    Hi,   I am configuring DB based JAAS Authentication for Kie-Drools-Workbench 6.1.0. Server log shows user is authenticated and roles are assigned to the user. But KIE login form says “Login failed: Not Aut...
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    last modified by ahmedza
  • Resteasy exception during create new BPMN2 Process

    Hi.   I am using Guvnor 5.5.0.Final and if I open Guvnor -> Knowledge Base and try to create New BPMN2 Process choose package and name and press ok I got an exception. The process is created and I can see it ...
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    last modified by alivesubstance
  • Drools Guvnor-Decison Tables - Rule is not being fired with StatefulKnowledgeSession

    Hi All, I have created one decision table in guvnor and trying to fire with statefullsession .Unfortunately its not getting fired , but with StatelessknowledgeSession  this same rule is getting fired. Could you...
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    created by deepak_sri
  • Unable to Parse ChangeSet.xml with https

    Hello,   Our Client Server is using JBoss EAP 6.2.4 with the guvnor-distribution-wars-5.4.0-20120516-jboss-as-7.0.war. We have deployed a RuleEngine.war to that server. The URL for the changeSet.xml is https:/...
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    last modified by mohankumarc8988
  • We're new to jBPM & Drools6.1. Need to fire the rules with Java code & WorkingMemory.Need Sample code to load Facts &to Call BPM2 process & rules

    Hi, We're not able to proceed further because of the issue We're facing. We're using Drools 6.1 with New version of jBPM. We need to fire the rules with Java code WorkingMemory. We just started exploring jBPM and ...
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    created by sivashins
  • Save workflow process (i.e BPMN file) in MySQL  by using jBPM designer 2.4.0 web console ?

    Actually my requirement is by using jBPM designer 2.4.0 web console will design one workflow process (i.e  BPMN2 file) and then save into MySQL database so how to set configuration for MySQL?.It is possible ? Not...
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    last modified by yellappa313
  • How to store workflow(bpmn2 file) information into database by using jbpm-designer-2.4.0 web editor.

    Hi Friends,   Currently i am designing workflows(bpmn2 files)  by using jbpm-designer-2.4.0 web editor. Now every time i am  saving bpmn2 file into my local machine and executing that bpmn2 file.  ...
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    last modified by nagendra.obbu
  • ERROR builder.impl.KnowledgeBuilderImpl.newKnowledgeBase - ProcessLoadError: unable to parse xml : Exception class

    I am new to JBPM .Need somw ones help.   Could you plz help me to get over the below error.. I spent nearly 4 hours     ERROR builder.impl.KnowledgeBuilderImpl.newKnowledgeBase - ProcessLoadError: u...
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    last modified by swathi123
  • Error Icon while uploading the model jar into Guvnor

    I am trying to upload my model jar into the guvnor but when i check in the uploaded file its showing me an error icon in the global area.I have checked the logs and there was no information related to this.Can you ple...
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    created by sindhu3485
  • Where is Guvnor?

    Hello Guvnor Forum,   I am terribly confused on where I can find and install Guvnor.  I read on this page that Guvnor is a part of the JBoss BRMS: http://www.jboss.org/products/brms/community/  Also, f...
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    created by x100
  • Having trouble with rule that checks two instances of same class

    I have a rule that says rule "bcs-set" when Param( Feature == "BCS", Name == "primary" ) Param( Feature == "BCS", Name == "seconday" ) the insert ("addition") end I have created two Param objects but it seems like dro...
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    created by mschwery
  • Jbpm 5.4 console doesn't load processes

    Following error gives when it loads the processes in jbpm console.Sometimes it is working after restarting the server more times.   12:02:32,245 ERROR [org.jbpm.integration.console.shared.GuvnorConnectionUtils] ...
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    created by ayesha_ampm
  • Jbpm console login error

    Following error occured when i am accessing processes via Jbpm console.   17:39:46,067 WARN  [org.jbpm.task.service.persistence.TaskLocalTransactionManager] (Thread-70) Unable to commit transaction: javax.p...
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    created by ayesha_ampm
  • Jbpm 5.4 task content access through Java code

    I have deployed my work flow in Jbpm guvnor and started a new workflow. Each user task has a task form. Then I access task form via Rest API  and complete the task. All works fine and data is saved to database. T...
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    created by ayesha_ampm