• Invalid element in SomeException - message

    I recently upgraded from jboss-3.2.3 jboss.net to jboss-3.2.8SP1 jboss.net, and now I discovered an incompatibility between the latter and apache axis (1.4) clients. In apache axis, user exceptions thrown in the servi...
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  • How to insert, delete and update record in GridView control.

    Hi Guys   I am beginner in .net programming language and I want to use gridview control in asp.net.Please help me. I would really appreciate your help.   Thanks
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  • Performance issue: JWS-WS with .NET Compact Framework Client

    Hi all,   I have a very simple WS in an EJB, JBoss AS 7.1:   @WebService public interface ITestService {        @WebMethod        String getVe...
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    created by stenlly
  • Problem when sorting DataGridView C # Desktop id and money column

    Good day guys ... I have a little problem here, I have no idea how to solve ... I have a C # program I'm doing here ... and has a esds DataGridView product, which has its note values and their sales values, and your...
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    created by pravinganore
  • EJB calling https webservice

    Hi,   I am calling https webservice from ejb in jboss 7.1.1. Its working fine if i set inside been method system properties of ssl , keystrore and trusstor. When i remove it then it does not work even i have s...
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    created by jbrocks
  • Drools support for C# .NET

    Hi, I have just joined this community hoping to get some answers.   I am working on a Drools project in dot net. There is very little documentation and support available on the internet for the Dot net version ...
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    created by seelamrk
  • ClassCastException on WebService call from an EJB

    Hello, I have an EJB that invokes a WEB SERVICE deployed on the same Application Server. I am using AXIS to encapsulate the Web Service call. Here is a code portion: String endpoint = "http://localhost:50701/jboss-n...
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  • I am looking for a JBOSS Software Engineer III for our Reno Nevada office

    Hello, My name is Monique Moultrie and I am looking for a JBOSS Software Engineer III for our Reno Nevada office. I have enclosed a brief description for your review. If you or anyone you know is interested please se...
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    created by mmoultrie
  • Graphically Rules

    Anyone know any Open Source application or payment which can create, read or modify rules in a graphical Drools?
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    created by artzikus
  • How to create rules for a class list?

        Hi, I have an application where the ClassVelM is defined as follows: public class ClassVelM     {         public double Velm { get; set; }  &#...
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    created by artzikus

    Buen dia, quiero saber como puedo hacer una consulta con varias tablas utilizando inner join en hibernate???   mi codigo de ejemplo es el siguiente   SQL   select t1.campo, t2,campo, t3,campo from t1...
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    created by omarluichi
  • .net code in Jboss

    Hi, There is a requirement from the company , to run the existing .net code to use JBOSS server. Since i'm completely new to Java and JBOSS, could you please suggest me the ways of doing this? Can JBoss.net API be of...
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  • JBoss Fights to Retain Its Title in the Testing Tools Category

    Bangalore, March 11, 2010: Quality assurance tests play an important role in the process of creating software products. Measures ensuring the quality of a software product meets the requirements are welcome in every s...
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    created by rajesh575
  • Logging incoming SOAP messages in JBoss.net

    Hi, I have a jboss.net app that i am trying to redo in jboss 4.3. i need to log the soap messages to check what is the actual structure of the incoming sopa message. i tried setting the org.jboss.net category to debug...
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    created by sekrish
  • Thank you and Help us learn how Feature Requests R gathered

    Thank you to everyone who completed the survey! We’re getting great feedback. If you haven’t already participated, please take a few moments to complete the survey located at the ...
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    created by plaurentphd
  • Help us learn how Feature Requests R gathered

    My name is Paula Laurent. I am a Computer Science PhD student at DePaul University conducting research on soliciting and prioritizing requirements. The goal of this research is to find out about the current requiremen...
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    created by plaurentphd
  • Hosting JBossWS and JBoss.NET webservices

    Hi, Sorry for posting duplicate post, was not sure in which forum to post JBoss.NET or JBossWS as it involves both of them. We are upgrading our application to Jboss-4.2.2 and we have a JBoss.NET web service in the ...
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    created by agohar
  • How to format Request/Response SOAP messages?

    Hi. I implemented a webservice following this tutorial: http://www.eclipse.org/webtools/jst/components/ws/1.5/tutorials/BottomUpWebService/BottomUpWebService.html But using Eclipse Ganymede and JBoss 4.2.3.GA instea...
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    created by flsobral
  • JBOSS 4.0.3 with Axis 1.x

    Dear newsgroup, I sucessfully developped a web service using tomcat. However I would like to set up the web service using it withing the Jboss server. Does anyone could provide me with some info on how to do that? I...
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    created by jose.ferreiro
  • terminating zero in SOAP request

    I am having a problem in makin a call using Axis client. I have generated the client in java using wsdl file. When I make the call using generated client it generates a SOAP request message, that I have pasted below...
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    created by yasir.arsalan