• Not able to generate snapshot with profiler 2.0

    Hello,       I have configured required jars in Jboss\bin and property file and also copied sar file into deploy folder.      configured "save=file" and required packages to profil...
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    last modified by Srinivasan Thoyyeti
  • no jbossInspector in java.library.path

    help needed pls: - JBoss (MX MicroKernel) [4.0.3RC2 (build: CVSTag=Branch_4_0 date=200508131404)] - windowsXP, 1Gb Steps: - copied jboss-profiler-noAOP.sar and jboss-profiler.war to server/deploy - added location of...
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  • Jboss Profiler snapshot command generates binary files which is not readable.

    Hi   I have configured JBoss EAP 4.3 as server for my web application running on windows platform. The project is built with jdk1.5, flex3.6 and Seam framework. I have a requirement where i was asked to configur...
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  • JBoss Profiler Quick Start

    Please consider adding a "Quick Start" guide to the JBoss Profiler documentation to help new users get up and running quickly. Here's my first draft based on JBoss Profiler 1.0.CR4 with JBoss App Server 4.0.5 and Jav...
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  • jboss 7.1.1 + jboss profiler configuration help required

         HI all,             Can someone please provide the steps to do profiling on jboss as 7 with jboss profiler
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    created by Thousif Ahmed
  • JBoss Profiler 2.0 not working from client

    I have setup the jboss profilder 2.0 on JBoss server 6.0. The installation works fine, and it shows the profiler running on the server console.   But, when I hit the command on the client, it throws me an error...
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    created by Sam M
  • Fail to Invoke - HTTP Status 403

    Hi, I install jboss-profiler-1.0.CR4 - jvmti on JBoss 4_3_0_GA_CP0, I login admin but fail to invoke mbean: JVMTIClass   type Status report message description Access to the specified resource () has been ...
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  • JBoss Profiler 2 Results

    hi, i've setup JBoss Profiler 2 on JBOss 5.0.0.GA and have it working fine. I can see all the log files etc... I need to profile an application and am having a little trouble interpreting the results in the log file...
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  • Segmentation Fault

    Hallo comunity,     I am having trouble starting Jboss 5 on a Linux with JDSK 6_2. The Jdk is kind of old, but I am sure I will not have the posibility to update it so easily (pre-production-system).  ...
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  • Hibernate/Seam plugin not loaded

    Hallo all together in this comunity,   I am very thankful for the Profiler Project, I am using it successfully on Win 7 and Linux in big Project (Salud Hds in Mexico, JBoss 5, Seam 2, Jdk 6).   Here are my...
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  • Can JBoss Profiler give Real-time display of java profiling data?

    Hi, I'm a newbie, trying to find a good Java profiling tool that is free / opensource and came accross with JBoss Profiler. I managed to configure JBoss Profiler and run, so now I can view the snapshots that were ta...
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    Hi All,   I'm attempting to use JBoss Profiler 1.0.CR4 to get a JVM heap dump (using Java 1.5.0_22 and JBoss 5.1.0). I've installed the Agent as per the jvmtiProfilerDoc.pdf but I get the following error when s...
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  • profiling jboss as a service

    hi, i'm able to connect with the profiler client when running run.bat but when started as a service i get ERROR [org.jboss.profiler.client.cmd.Client] Can not get connection to server. Problem establishing socket c...
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  • JBoss-profiler-2.0.Beta4 or 5 with jboss-5.1.0.GA-jdk6

    I installed jboss-5.1.0.GA-jdk6\jboss-5.1.0.GA and also Downloaded JBoss-profiler-2.0.Beta4 and also JBoss-profiler-2.0.Beta5 ===== Followed the instructions to copy the jar files and properties files First I tried wi...
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  • Finding memory leaks using jboss profiler 2 for jdk6 app.

    Hello Eveyyone,               Can you help me how to find memory leaks in the application using Jboss-Profiler 2.0 beta 5 . My application is running on jbo...
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    created by kiran kumar
  • Differences between jbossInspector and jbossAgent

    hi, are you planning to update the documentation? is there supposed to be a jbossInspector somwhere? i tried grepping for it in the source code and couldn't find it in RC3
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  • Look for  JBoss Profiler 2 Beta6 and Web app

    Hi all,   I am new to this forum. I am looking for the latest JBoss Profiler 2 Beta6 and its companion Richfaces web app. I notice there is no Beta 6 for public download. Is there a way to build a custom Beta 6 ...
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  • Certainly a dumb question but...

    Hello all,   I'm aiming to use jBoss Profiler to evaluate the efficiency and sanity of some code written here at work but i'm asking myself if the times indicated for each method / class / put what you feel is o...
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  • unable to see the list of snapshots when client listSnapshots

    configuration file: jboss-profiler-client.properties protocol=socket host=localhost port=5400 threshold=1.0 savelocation=/home/dmhatre/profiler-reports plugin.1=org.jboss.profiler.plugins.Hibernate plugin.2=org.jboss...
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    created by Darpan Mhatre
  • Help: JBOSS Profiler read output

    Hi folks     I am new to  jboss profiler. I have installed jboss profiler 2.0.0.Beta5 on linux box  without any worries by reading jbossprofiler2-userguide.pdf. Now I  want to see the o...
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    created by Darpan Mhatre