• XML RPC ServiceFactoryImpl

    hi all, i have a question regarding implementation of javax.xml.rpc.ServiceFactory by default it uses class org.jboss.ws.core.jaxrpc.client.ServiceFactoryImpl.   I have checked Wildfly 10 and JBoss EAP 7 module...
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  • Web Service Client fail with prefix not bound

    Hi all,   I need to access to a Web Service and the third party give the WSDL to generate the client code. I'm using Eclipse in my Project and to generate the Client Code I did this (I don't know if is the best...
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  • CXF faultlistener in Wildfly

    Hi,   I have need to specify the custom implementation of CXF `FaultListener` in the webservice. The CXF provides following option to do that.   public class MyFaultListener implements org.apache.cxf.loggin...
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  • WF10, JbossWS 5.1: Webservice with WS Sec Policy Annotation answers to plain Requests too

    My question is: howto enforce the Webservice to only consume Ws-Sec secured SOAP Requests . Currently the Service processes "plain" SOAP Requests too.   the implemenatation is like this: (1) we got an wsdl whic...
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    created by uh_69
  • WF10, JbossWS 5.1: code first WS-Sec Endpoint w provided WS-sec Policy: how to control plain/signed response ?

    ttsia   we do a WS Sec Webservice which implements x509 token w Signature wo Auth wo Encryption in jboss 4 and want to migrate to WF10 / Jboss WS CXF 5.1. i found nothing in the documentation how to achive/cont...
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  • Mystery Endpoint JBoss 7 final

    I'm attempting to deploy a top-down/wsdl-first service, using the "Generate Java Bean Skeleton" wizard.  The generated artifacts look ok, compile and seem to deploy ok.  I see the deployed EAR in the server,...
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  • Apache CXF Exception: java.lang.RuntimeException: Could not find conduit initiator for address

    This is my code from where I am calling my Service. public static String getProperty(String propertyName) { log.info("Class: PropertyUtility.class Method:getProperty-entry propertyName Start:"+propertyName);  ...
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  • CXF JAR conflict Exception: "WELD-000071: Managed bean with a parameterized bean class must be @Dependent: class org.apache.cxf.jaxrs.provider.JAXBElementProvider"

    Hi   I'm using WildFly 12.0.0 Final with JDK 1.8 u171; The deployed War and Ear files contain  CXF 3.1.5 JAR files;   Kindly advice about a solution to avoid the below exception knowing that WildFly ...
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  • Web service - error in com.sun.xml.ws.api.server

    Hi All,   I have build a web service provider using com.sun.xml.ws.api.server.AsyncProvider and  JBoss EAP 7.0.0 (Java 8)   However, I am encounter the following error when I try to send SOAP Message ...
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    created by tbh_8772
  • NPE in a cxf client because address == null, why?

    Hi,   On deploying a JbossWS client on wildfly (10.1.0.Final) using the cxf client (5.1.5.Final ), I consistently get a NullPointerException on calling a WS method as in: Interceptor for {xxx} has thrown except...
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  • Request does not contain Security header, but it's a fault. exception , i follow https://docs.jboss.org/author/display/JBWS/WS-Security tutorial

    I follow the sample show in https://docs.jboss.org/author/display/JBWS/WS-Security . When i try to run client , i got the following exception . I get the bob.jks from jbossws-cxf-4.0.0\output\test-libs\jaxws-samples...
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  • : mapped-name is required for cxf of deployment auto-update-ws.war

      I am not sure where exactly sure where to start, here  but I have a  web service war file built using Apache CXF. This war file runs great in apache tomcat container, so I have some level of confiden...
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  • Using JBossWS with Apache CXF-Client and HTTPS

    Dear friends of JBoss,   I have some servlets in JBoss (EAP 7 WITH CXF), which call a SOAP-Webservice over HTTPS. I've therfore generated JAX-WS-classes based on WSDL-file using wsimport tool. These classes do n...
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  • Another "Using XMLBeans binding for JAX-WS web services" Problem

    Hi All!  I've been struggling with this for two days now and I'm closer - but still getting an exception and I was hoping someone could possibly help be troubleshoot or overcome it!  This old discussion is m...
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  • Apache Camel Cxf failed endpoint

    I want to use a call to a wsdl with only "wsdlURL" in CXF EndPoint.   <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <blueprint xmlns="http://www.osgi.org/xmlns/blueprint/v1.0.0" xmlns:camel="http://camel.apache...
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    created by angelbaranda
  • Jboss EAP 6.4.4 Class Loading problem

    Hello,   I try to deploy a web application on jboss 6.4.4.   The ear file contains Jaxb jars.   When invoking a web service there is a problem with xml binding :   ClassCastException: attemptin...
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  • webserive with soap over jms doesn't support java ee injection

    Hi Developers, using the soap over jms pattern on a wildfly server (version 10) can't inject a java ejb3 instance. I'll tried to inject the ejb with some appoches of inject an resource annotations but none of them ...
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  • How to secure Jax-ws

    Hello everyone i want to achieve security for our ws this way:   1. We want to use Username token profile. 2. We want to achieve this by using PolicySets 3. Client must provide username(unique emailadress) and ...
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    created by urbandroid
  • JBossWS CXF DataHandler Inputstream empty

    Hi,   Anyone had any issues integrating JBossWS CXF  + MTOM + DataHandler with their web service? I enabled MTOM in my web service implementation and my CXF client to receive/send files using DataHandlers i...
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  • SOAP over JMS with JTA

    I am trying to use jbossws-cxf to implement reliable soap over jms service implementor with websphere MQ adapter running in XATransaction mode.   When declaring endpoint implementor like ejb @Stateless i have fo...
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