I  have created a table in excel to use this table in drools workbench; but  when import the file in .xls format in workbench I view this errors. Can you help me?
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  • jBPM executor for embedded applicatin in Eclipse

    Requirements: - jBPM 6.1.0 - Eclipse 4.4.1 with BPMN2 Modeler - Diagram Editor and - jBPM Runtime Extension Feature   This example was created based on method trials and e...
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  • RemoteRuntimeEngineFactory + LDAP

    I have jBPM 6.4.0 configured with LDAP ( based on this tout jBPM 6.4.0 + LDAP ) and everything OK but as using restTemplateFactory and RemoteRuntimeEngineFactory  in my web app (Spring security with LDAP) and...
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  • jBPM6.3+Hibernate4+Tomcat7 Exception: Unable to build EntityManagerFactory

    Hi, guys, this problem drives me crazy. Please help me! My scenario is the following: I successfully configured and ran jbpm-console on my Tomcat 7.0.64 server, and then I downloaded a jbpm web example from here, T...
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  • jbpm6 study

    Objective : to document, simulate, manage, automate and monitor business processes and policies. business applications can be changed more easily and quickly.   Business Process Management Complex Event and R...
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  • Simple Timer Flow With Example

    Steps Pick up the timer activity from the palette as shown below. Open the Timer Activity Properties and assign the Interval Value like in my case I want to the timer to trigger every 10 secs. so I have put 10s as ...
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  • jbpm-6.3.0 : Demo Setup Failure and Resolution in windows 8 > ant install.demo

    Hello All,   This is my first post in this forum. I just downloaded jbpm-6.3.0.Final-installer-full.zip and tried setting up my machine to start up with jBPM by following Chapter 3. jBPM Installer. As per section...
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  • jBPM

    About jBPM jBPM is a platform for executable process languages ranging from business process management (BPM) over workflow to service orchestration. jBPM5 jBPM 5.0 Request for Comments jBPM 5.0 Roadmap jBPM5 Eclips...
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  • JbpmProjects

    If you're interested in one of these projects, contact Kris Verlaenen (kverlaen -a*t- redhat -d0t- com), @KrisVerlaenen on Twitter   jBPM on android The jBPM core engine itself is so lightweight that it could act...
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  • Step by step process to connect jBPM-6.2.0 to Microsoft SQLSERVER2008R2

    Hi All,   I wanted to connect all my processes to our MS SqlServer2008 R2. I've tried and consolidate the whole process here. Hopefully it helps!!   Step 1: In your jbpm-installer\build.properties   ...
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  • Using the REST URLs from a web application to control a process and its tasks in JBPM 6

    I've been exploring JBPM 6 the past few weeks. My objective was to be able to access and control a process created in JBPM using the web console from an external web application. The documentation specifies 2 ways of ...
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  • Drools and jBPM Training London: exercise teaser

    Greetings everyone! In this post I'll be showing one of the exercises we will be playing with in the next Drools & jBPM Training in London, October 21-25.  There's still time to register so go ahead!   ...
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  • Set up jBPM 5.4 Final Installer to use MySQL - or how to run section 3.7 of the User Guide

    I've started using jBPM 5.4 a couple weeks ago. It's my first forray into jBPM and I am slowly working through the user guide. I go to 3.7. 10-Minute Tutorial: Using your own database with jBPM and got stuck. First o...
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  • BUG in  org.jbpm.formModeler.core.processing.fieldHandlers.ShortDateFieldHandler

    This is about ShortDate module in form modeler. defaultPattern = "mm-dd-yy"; in constructor . change to 'defaultPattern = "MM-dd-yy";' makes it working fine.
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  • jBPM Approval Demo on OpenShift

    Login to jBPM Approval Demo http://jeedemo-ksoong.rhcloud.com/jbpm-approval/ https://jeedemo-ksoong.rhcloud.com/jbpm-approval/ Note:https used for penetrating through Chinese Firewall   About jBPM Approval Dem...
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  • Find a reliable internet search engine marketer

    Find a reliable optimizer for internet search engine marketing and initiate benefiting your company inside the most economical rates and thus on.  Hence, you ought to discuss what type of reports would be sent an...
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  • Public Training @San Francisco 2014

    Drools and jBPM are quickly becoming the leading framework for representing enterprise level business knowledge, and everyday more companies are applying them in their everyday tasks, and keeping up with change cna be...
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  • Enjoy) Oscars.86th.Annual.Academy.Awards.Live.Free

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  • Watch) WWE.Elimination.Chamber.2014.Live.Free

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  • Enhancing jBPM Usability?

    Hello jBPM Community,   This is my first post here and I am glad to join the jBPM Community.   Now, we started looking at using jBPM to provide BPMN Services to our applications (A1.iO) sometime mid last y...
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