• How to create view based on sql script with "aggregate functions" and "group by"

    Hi, This is sql query. Based on this, i am going to create View. My view should return same result as this sql query. i have to use "aggregate functions"and "group by" with joins in query.   Select cc.country_na...
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  • jboss data virtualization VDB deployment issue.

    HI,   I am new to jboss data virtualization, may i know how to deploy VDB(created on local machine) on another jboss server. i read somewhere that there is a way by creating WAR. but i am unable to create WAR of...
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  • Synchronize VDB to Updated JDBC Source Model

    Hi,   We have requirements to publish and review source code and DML changes in our production process.   I am wondering how, after DML changes are made, can we synchronize the JDBC Model Source, especia...
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  • What are the version of Designer compatible with JBoss DV ?

    All is in title. I've searched a bit a clear documentation on this topic but without success. Thanks in advance.
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  • Teiid Impala Translator decimal pushdown

    I'm using the Impala translator and can't seem to get the decimal or bigdecimal data types to push down with aggregate functions.  Here's my scenarios, the first of which using DOUBLE pushes down, the latter as D...
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  • What's the difference between JBoss DV and Teiid

    I am using Teiid Runtime 8.8 to build a Teiid Runtime Server, when I want to change to use JBoss DV, it seems like these is only a jar installer and its installing way is by graphical interface. this jar installer wil...
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