• JBDS 8.1.0.GA suddenly doesn't validate JPA 2.1 NamedQueries

    Greetings,   In a given maven project, having JPA facet and using JPA 2.1, the following named query   @NamedQuery(name = "myQuery", query = "UPDATE MyEntity j set j.f1 = :f1, j.f2 = :f2, j.f3 = :f3, j.f4 ...
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  • JBDS 9.0.0.GA - Error loading file switchyard.xml. Unable to load the generated resources.

    Greetings,   I downloaded JBDS 9.0.0.GA and I created a first project. The day after, I tried to start JBDS and I had the surprize to notice that it doesn't start any more. It displays a message box saying "Oper...
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  • JBDS creates switchyard.xml file invalid

    Hello,   Using JBDS 8.1.0.GA with switchyard projects, I have the following error message in the Problems tab:   The referenced Java interface for service "OrderRepositoryReference" specifies more than one...
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  • jpa change event handler - how to disable?

    Hi   I am getting constant delays while waiting for 'jpa change event handler'. Apparently this is a bug in Dali.   How can I remove Dali? Or avoid this delays?   I see Dali is included in JBDS, but ...
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  • Open the browser after deploying ear project on wildfly

    Hello Experts, I created a multi-module-maven project called mission-man like this screenshot presents: After right clicking on mission-man-ear or mission-man-web > Run As > Run on Server, the welcome page w...
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  • JBoss Developer Studio local server publishing filters

    I'm using JBoss Developer Studio and am trying to figure out how to prevent a certain path from publishing before startup of the server.  That path is 'node_modules'.  Since this is an Angular2 project, we h...
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  • Integration Stack 10.0.0.GA Stand-Alone Installer NOT FOUND

    Iam new with JBoss Fuse so started with Hello World! app. Unfortunately  when I try to download Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio Integration Stack 10.0.0.GA Stand-Alone Installer. it replies with OOps! something...
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  • Auto updating changes into the data source in Jboss Developer Studio 9.0

    Hi all, I have an excel file physically located onto my system. for that excel file i have created a data source in jboss. if i physically do the changes in the excel file e.g adding a new column in the excel. then ...
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  • PLEASE NOTE: Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio Q&A has been moved to StackOverflow

    Hi Everyone,     We want you to have the best experience in getting your questions answered by the developer community. We believe StackOverflow's Q&A format, along with it's features and moderation, at...
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  • Deadlock on workspace startup

    I seem to have somehow created a workspace which freezes as soon as it starts. I previously logged the issue against Eclipse JEE but they've pointed the finger back at JBoss Developer Studio. Full details on this bugz...
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  • MD5 checksums on JBoss Tools 4.4.2 do not match

    On JBoss Tools - JBoss Tools 4.4.2.Final , the checksums provided match the md5s of the zips.  All three of the checksum files are linked as "md5" but the checksum filenames themselves all end with ".sha256"
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  • JBoss 7/JBossWS/WS-SecurityPolicy - How to Use a JKS Keystore File Outside Application EAR

    I am implementing a JBoss 7-backed web application that is a provider of one Web Service, as well as a client of another Web Service. Both services use a WS-SecurityPolicy, requiring the use of a JKS keystore file and...
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  • JBoss Dev Studio 9.1.0.GA installation freezes

    Good day,   In my development laptop (Windows 7 64 Bits, 8 GB RAM, plenty of HDD space available) I've trying to reinstall JBDS 9.1.0.GA, to do some tests. In the past, I've installed and uninstalled the softwar...
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  • 2. Install, Configure, and Verify

    When I type "helloworld into the search box and select helloworld-rs, I get   "Invalid project description".   The expected result is   lick Finish. This downloads the helloworld application and its...
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  • Jboss hangs and requires deleting .metadata\.plugins\org.eclipse.core.resources on Server panel click

    Multiple times a day jboss hangs and I have to delete .metadata\.plugins\org.eclipse.core.resources, then reimport my projects.   When I boot jboss, I can type in the text editor, but as soon as I click the ser...
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  • cordovasim: Invalid character '\u0187' on line 2..FileWriter.js

    Hi,   I'm trying to run our hybrid app on the cordova sim but I'm getting the following error:   !JavaScript ERROR: SyntaxError: Invalid character '\u0187' on line 2 for http://localhost:54938/plugins/cord...
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  • Why Attribute 'id' was add by the jboss developer sudio

    Hi, I add import to my camel context xml, in this way, see in bold   <beans xmlns="http://www.springframework.org/schema/beans"     xmlns:aop="http://www.springframework.org/schema/aop" ...
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  • JBDS 10.x + Integration Stack?

    I see that a new version of JBoss DevStudio is out. How long should we expect before the Integration Stack (specifically Fuse 6.3.0 and Camel) is available? I'm sticking with v9.1.0 for now, but would like to upgrade ...
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  • Seam 2.3.1 Exception handling request to /first/home.seam: java.lang.IllegalStateException

    Hi there,   I followed Chapter 13. Generate a CRUD Database Application to build my first seam web project in JBoss developer studio.   When I start jboss server and try to access http://localhost:8080/fir...
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  • Server adapter for karaf 4 in Jboss developer studio

    Hi How can I add server adapter for karaf version 4 in Jboss developer studio (above V 9.0.0 / 9.0.0 +)? Please help.
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