• Resolving artifact only from the local repository

    Hi,   I wonder if there is a way to say to ShrinkWrap to resolve an artifact only from local repository?   I have this code   File[] libs = Maven.resolver() .loadPomFromFile("pom.xml") .resolve("org.j...
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  • Create EAR archive with web app represented by a directory and not archive

    Hi,   I want to create EAR archive that will contain web application as directory and not .war file. Can you give me a hint how this can be done?   Thanks a lot, Violeta
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  • How to only resolve versions numbers and/or poms without downloading artifact Jars?

    Hello ShrinkWrap devs/users, my first post here.   How do I resolve only poms, I don't want Shrinkwrap to download the jars for me, I am using this type of snippet, and my code gets runs over and over ni a large...
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  • Get dependencies of war artifact

    Is it possible to get the dependency list from a war artifact? This code returns an single MavenResolvedArtifact with empty dependency list.   Maven.resolver().resolve("groupId:artifactId:war:version").withTran...
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  • Support for custom Maven packaging types in ShrinkWrap Resolvers?

    I have a Maven project that uses custom packaging types that are normally contributed by a plugin (with extensions=true). When building a new Arquillian deployment using ShrinkWrap Resolvers, the wrong extension is us...
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    created by atomicknight
  • Creating an ear file using Shrinkwrap using the pom's of a multi-module maven project

    Hi,   from our maven multi-module project we try to generate an ear archive with Shrinkwrap. The structure is as follows (see ear-POM below for an example).   ab23Bear       ...
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  • how to use maven resolver with dynamic arguments?

    Hi,   I am using the maven resolver as follows:     MavenResolverSystemImpl mrs = (MavenResolverSystemImpl) Resolvers.use(MavenResolverSystem.class, cl); mrs.getMavenWorkingSession().useLegacyLocalRep...
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    created by rpau
  • Maven dependencies order

    Hi,   I am using Shrinkwrap to determine the dependencies of any Maven project. However I think I have found a "bug". When a dependency appear more than once with a different version number, the final classpath ...
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  • Maven resolver always throws at with(out)Transitivity

    PomEquippedResolveStage pomFromFile = Maven.resolver().loadPomFromFile("pom.xml"); File[] files = pomFromFile         .importRuntimeDependencies()       ...
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  • Add dependency to a war archive by ShrinkWrap 1.1.2+ShrinkWrap Resolver 2.0.0

    Hi,   I am running a test case using ShrinkWrap packaging a war. I need ass some dependencies into the war which will be deployed on WildFly AS 10. The test case follows:   @RunWith(Arquillian.class) pub...
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  • What does java.lang.RuntimeException: Could not invoke deployment method: public static org.jboss.shrinkwrap.api.spec.WebArchive mean ?

    Hi, First of all I am a noob with arquillian testing framework and its kind of pretty obvious for me to ask some silly and trivial questions (I saved myself ). I would be really grateful for any help I get in improvi...
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  • Shrinkwrap maven respolver fails if pom has namespace?

    I am trying to add a library to my shrinkwrap deployment using the Maven resolver, but if the pom.xml is defined with a namespace (<project xmlns="http://maven.apache.org/POM/4.0.0" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/200...
  • Shrinkwrap and timestmaped snapshots

    Hi all,   I'm trying to build a war containing some snapshots. The repository contains timestamped snapshots, but the shrinkwrap resolver is not picking them up. It is searching for non-timestamped snapshots thr...
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  • Exclude maven central in transitive dep resolution

    I am trying to resolve dependencies strictly from a private repo.   This is my MavenResolverSystem definition : Maven.configureResolver().withMavenCentralRepo(false).fromClassloaderResource("settings.xml") ...
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  • How to resolve the classpath of a Maven module

    Hi,   I am trying to resolve the classpath of a Maven module, which also contains dependencies that appear in the parent pom as "managedDependencies". In my code (gist:62b2e4d7af4166ab7e94 · GitHub), ShrikW...
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  • Loading dependencies from external pom.xml

    Hi,         I have two different projects. One is my Arquillian unit test project and the other is my actual project. Can I load dependencies from my actual project's pom.xml which ...
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  • Aqruillian shrink wrapp can't inject Ejbs that includes others ?

    i'm using arquillian to test my ejb services. when i inject an independent EJB into my test class,all things work better. However. when i try to inject EJB that includes others ejbs session one, it dosn't work?
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  • Having the most difficult time getting my MyBatis test to work...

    I'm new to using CDI (coming over from Spring) and I'm trying to get a simple MyBatis test working using Arquillian.   I have a sample app I put together that works fine deployed to Tomcat or JBoss, and I'd love...
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  • [MavenResolver] Is there a way to fetch versions from the parent POM?

    Hi guys,   I have several modules in my project so I defined most of the dependencies which are used across in the parent pom under <dependencyManagement> section. in addition I externalized versions to pr...
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  • How to include xsd files in a ShrinkWrap WebArchive?

    I have a simple 'contact first' web application, using the jax-ws maven plugin's wsimport task to generate the web service artifacts.   Is there a working example of including maven project files as resources no...
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    created by theoldbear