• ShrinkWrap: Load dependencies from Pom with proxies in settings.xml in Maven.

    Hallo, I am using ShrinkWrap API to load my test dependencies from pom file and I did it successfully. But this is not working when I introduce new proxy configuration in my maven settings.xml. I am using ShrinkWrap...
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  • Nexus metadata does not update when requesting artifacts via  shrinkwrap, but does if I use Maven with a pom

    simply put   I have a repository, then I have a Nexus repository that has a proxy to it.   http://originalRepo <--- 'proxy' type repo in Nexus that points to it     When I publish a new relea...
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    created by binodpanta
  • ShrinkWrap load libraries from POM for JavaArchive

    Hallo, I am new to this community. I am working on multi maven module project. And I am writing unit tests using Arquillian. Till now every thing is fine, as I am adding dependencies in my test class from my modul...
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  • No way to add classes or packages to ResourceAdapterArchive

    I have a Maven project for my resource adapter that builds  a RAR archive that contains classes, libraries as JAR files and the resource adapter class. I want to use Arquillian to unit test my project but it see...
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  • Maven resolver works fine from command line but mess up module dependency in a multi-module project

    Hello,   I have a multi-module project in which I use Arquillian for integration testing. The tests are running fine if started from command line but if I try to execute a test from Eclipse it fails with the fol...
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  • Glassfish4 (Remote) + Jpa hibernate. I get ClassNotFoundException:

    Please, I get this error:     SEVERE:   Exception while invoking class org.glassfish.persistence.jpa.JPADeployer prepare method SEVERE:   java.lang.RuntimeException: java.lang.ClassNotF...
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  • ShrinkWrap

    Skip the Build! Shrinkwrap provides a simple API to assemble archives like JARs, WARs, and EARs in Java. Introduction Packaging specifications such as Java Archives (JAR) and Enterprise Archives (EAR) are standard mec...
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  • What is the replacement of MavenDependencyResolver in ShrinkWrap Resolver 2.0.2

    I'm trying to refactor a method resolveDependency(..) using org.jboss.shrinkwrap.resolver:shrinkwrap-resolver-impl-maven:jar:2.0.2. I'm not able to figure out what is the correct way. Earlier I used org.jboss.shrinkwr...
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  • Shrinkwrap addAsLibrary() adds library to a wrong path

    Hi all,   I am currently writing some integration tests with Arquillian. The archive for the deployment I create with ShrinkWarp Now I'm stuck at a strange problem: I have a .war archive and want to add a .jar li...
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  • Observing a hang with importBuildOutput when used with Eclipse and Arquillian

    Hi!   I'm observing a hang with importBuildOutput and I need your help.   (1) I'm using Arquillian to perform container testing.  (2) I'd like to get log4j working just as it works during a normal d...
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  • How to add a package-info.class to an archive?

    I have a package with serveral classes. But for my test case I need only one normal class Service.class and the package-info.class. The package-info.class contains some annotations used by Service.class.   How c...
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    created by plexusnexus
  • ArchiveExportException: File could not be created

    Hello,   Sorry if this is not the correct place to post this kind of discussion, but I'm becoming a bit desperate .   This exception has started happening when testing with Arquillian 1.1.1.Final and Glass...
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  • Add src/main/java to webarchive

    Hi,   I have created a webarchive by adding the packages under the src/main/java directory:   @Deployment   public static WebArchive createDeployment() {     WebArchive war = ShrinkWrap &...
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  • Wrong built WebArchive using Shrinkwrap Classpath resolution

    Hi,   I have defined a simple war project and setup an arquillian test using shrinkwrap 2.0.0, that - as a test - just resolves the web archive via classpath resolution:   @RunWith(Arquillian.class) public ...
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  • ConcurrentModificationException on Archive.delete()

    Hi,   I'm trying to use Shrinkwrap to delete a folder in a JavaArchive (jar). My jar is quite simple, it contains only one folder named resources and this folder contains two files :   myJavaArchive.jar: ...
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  • (Resolved) NoSuchMethodError: org.apache.maven.artifact.repository.metadata.Versioning.getSnapshotVersions()Ljava/util/List

    Hi there, I have been trying to solve the dependencies of maven using ShrinkWrap on my JUnit test but I got a problem that I couldn't fix. Follow my test:     PomEquippedResolveStage pom = Maven.resolve...
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  • Hash of Archive

    Hi   I have a file (apk file to be precise). I make a hash of this file by some technique. Then I create a JavaArchive via good old Shrinkwrap.createFromZipFile(). Now, I have the Archive<?>. The question ...
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  • MavenImporter doesn't process war overlays?

    Hi,   As far as I can tell, the new MavenImporter doesn't process war overlays as part of the Maven 'build' that it does.   I do something like this:   {code} WebArchive result = ShrinkWrap.create(M...
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  • MavenImporter: how to exclude test-scoped dependencies?

    Hi,   I've just started using the new MavenImporter in 2.0.0-beta-1 and it looks pretty awesome!   I'm building a WAR for some Arquillian client-only tests, so the WAR doesn't need any of the test-scoped d...
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  • How to convert a maven-resolved EAR (with libraries and EJB moduls) into an archive supported by Arquillians enbedded OpenEJB container adapter?

    Hi all,   I'm trying to implement an integration test for a non-trivial maven-built JEE5 EAR with Arquillian and embedded OpenEJB.   This EAR uses "META-INF/application.xml" to define the list of EJB modul...
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    created by tjuerge