Welcome to the SwitchYard project blog.  What's SwitchYard you ask?  Well, it's a new project we launched late last year to kick start our next generation SOA runtime.  If you have been following the JBoss ESB project, you might have caught a talk that Kevin and I gave last year at JBoss World called "Next Generation ESB" (preso here).  SwitchYard is the place where we will be turning the ideas from that presentation into reality.


If you are interested in learning more about SwitchYard, the project site and FAQ are good places to start.  We are actively working toward our first milestone (more on that soon), so most of the activity in the project right now is in the developer forum and our Git repository.  We would love to get feedback early on in the process, so please share your thoughts on what you find.


Stay tuned for updates from the team on our progress, random opinions on SOA topics, and an occasional post with TMI to keep things spicy.