Just got back home from JUDCon India 2012 and all I can say is "Wow!".  Magesh and I gave a talk on SwitchYard and I also had a chance to participate in the developer panel at the end of day 1.  The entire trip was a fantastic experience, albeit a bit short.  I just checked and I spent about 49 hours traveling to and from India and only 72 hours in the country itself!  Here are my highlights of the trip:


  • This was my first time in India and I was really impressed by both the people and the fusion of culture and technology in the city of Bangalore.  Taxi rides were .. ehm ... exciting! ;-)
  • The conference itself was huge!  Huge venue, huge turnout.  Great to see that level of interest in JBoss technologies.  Conference producers (Saltmarch Media) did an excellent job.
  • Man, we (JBoss) are working on a lot of cool and diverse stuff.  It's tough to pay attention to everything we are doing in the community, so this was a great chance to get a quick rundown of what a lot of other projects are up to.  I was surprised to see how well Spring and CDI can integrate in Ray's talk.  The CapeDwarf work that Ales has been doing was completely new to me and very cool.
  • On the Monday before the conference, Magesh and I met to run through our presentation and we both came to the realization that there's too much stuff to talk about in a single presentation.  This is really a testament to how much our contributors have been able to create in SwitchYard in a relatively short period of time.  The upshot here is that you can expect us to grow Infinispan-style in future conferences, with multiple focused presentations on cool bits of SwitchYard.


All of the talks will be available for download and video will be available as well.