It's that time of the week again when we scour the blogs to bring you details of any important and interesting developments in the world of JBoss.  We have a number of technical posts, new project releases, new books being published and an exciting new project announcement. What better way to start off the month?


AeroGear Mobile & HTML5 project


This week has seen the announcement of a new project within JBoss, called AeroGear.  The purpose of the AeroGear project is to make mobile development as easy as possible with JBoss technologies and will focus on three areas

  • Education

Covering all aspects of mobile development, including the latest HTML5 technologies, hybrid application frameworks, JBoss AS based services, mobile RichFaces/JSF2 and many more.

To start things rolling there is a 5 minute video showing how to develop your first cloud hosted mobile web application and a step-by-step guide on how this application was developed.

  • Innovation

Starting with development of examples, tutorials and techniques for mobile developers and continuing with the development of new mobile frameworks for solving real concerns of enterprise developers.

  • Community

Provide support and encourage participation in the development and use of mobile technologies through public meetings, held in the #aerogear channel on, forums and hosting code on guthub.


There are lots of discussions happening on the AeroGear forums (user and development) and now is a great time to get involved in the project.


JUDCon India


Last week saw the first JUDCon event held in India and, indeed, in the Asia Pacific region.  A very successful event, with 800 attendees, it has already generated a number of posts discussing the presentations and impressions of some who attended (read Jaikirin Pai's post from last week if you missed it).


This week we have some more posts from our colleagues, Dimitris Andreadis, Ray Ploski and Keith Babo, discussing their thoughts and impressions of the conference and its organisation as well as some photos taken by Saltmarch Media, the conference organisers.




Have you ever wanted to try deploying applications into the cloud but were unsure of where to start?  If so then Eric Schabell's post on OpenShift is definitely for you.  Eric has written a comprehensive post to introduce OpenShift; starting with an overview of what OpenShift is he continues by covering the OpenShift tooling and ends with a walk through of an application deployment into the cloud.


JBoss Developer Studio and JBoss Central


The milestone 5 build of JBoss Developer Studio 5 includes the first integration of JBoss Central into the Developer Studio product, providing a single location for keeping up-to-date with JBoss news, technologies, examples and management of the Developer Studio plugins.  In this post, Len DiMaggio takes us on a tour of the various aspects of JBoss Central, introducing us to some of its capabilities and demonstrating how they can be used.


Integrating Server Side action methods using JSF ValueChange events and Ajax Listeners


Lincoln Baxter has written a very good post which describes a useful, flexible pattern for firing server side events using JSF ValueChange events, CDI and Ajax listeners.  By taking advantage of CDI he introduces a mechanism through which the application functionality can be successfully decoupled from the JSF User Interface.


Reacting to Alerts with JBoss ON


Jay Shaughnessy has published a screencast demonstrating a number of the new features in JBoss ON, showing how these can be used to react to alerts and then take corrective action through the scripting support.


Arquillian Fall Tour


The Arquillian team were very busy towards the end of last year, spending a lot of time on the road to give presentations on Arquillian, discuss future ideas and just meet up with the community.  Aslak has now published a post detailing their tour and providing links to many of the presentations.


JBoss Books


This week sees the publication of two new books on JBoss technologies, both from Packt Publishing.


The first is the JBoss ESB Beginner's Guide, providing an introduction to JBoss ESB and covering the core concepts and technologies behind services and their implementation.  The second is the Drools Developer's Cookbook, covering Drools Expert, Guvnor , Fusion and jBPM5 technologies.


Details of how to purchase these books, along with sample chapters, can be found on the Packt site.


Packt are also looking for reviewers.  Drop me an email if you are interested and I will put you in contact with the publisher.


New Releases


Another busy week for JBoss project releases


Infinispan - following feedback on the recent Infinispan 5.1.0.Final release the team have announced their first candidate release of Infinispan 5.1.1.  Keep watching for updates, there are plans to release a final version as soon as possible.


Modeshape - Randall announced the first Alpha release of ModeShape 3.0 and has also published a comprehensive post discussing its features and future direction.  This does not mean the end of the 2.x stream however, there are plans for a 2.8 release.


Drools - The drools team have announced the release of their second beta of Drools 5.4.0.


IronJacamar - The alpha 5 release of IronJacamar 1.1.0 is now out.




Don't forget that FOSDEM is being held in Brussels this weekend.  JBoss, Fedora and Red Hat are well represented and there will be a Devroom on Saturday.


That's it for another busy week, check back next week to catch up on any further developments.