We're trying something new in the SwitchYard project with our most recent release.  The team has created a new video series which is focused on helping new users get started with the project and for existing users to gain a deeper understanding of SwitchYard features and capabilities.  There are three guiding principles for the series:


  • Live Action : each video provides a live demonstration of a SwitchYard concept or feature.  The idea is to complement the documentation through live action and provide additional context where it's needed.  (N.B. : we violate this rule in the very first episode which is more of a trail map than a demonstration).
  • Informal : to a certain extent, quantity is better than quality here.  We're gonna make them useful, but we won't spend much time doing 1000 takes or polishing the videos in post-production.  That said, I have submitted an expense request for celebrity cameos in the videos.
  • Community-Focused : we belted out six videos right away based on what we thought might be useful.  Where we go from here is something we would like our community to decide.  If you have burning questions or areas where you feel a demonstration would really add to the documentation, please let us know in the forums or file a JIRA.  Here's an example request.


All of the videos can be found on the SwitchYard Video Series page.  Here's one of the videos in the series to see what they are all about: