It's been a while since we've seen anything from SwitchYard Land, but I'm pleased to announce the first preview of SwitchYard 2.0.  The community has been pretty busy this spring, cleaning, pulling weeds, and also adding some major features.  That said, this is an alpha release and there might be a few rough edges, new features that aren't yet complete, documentation that's a little out of date, maybe one or two bugs, but, overall, it's in good enough shape to take for a test drive.  Take it for a ride around the block and let us know what you think.


What is SwitchYard?

SwitchYard is a structured framework for developing integration applications using the design principles and best practices of Service Oriented Architecture.  It integrates really well with Apache Camel and JBoss Application Server, providing a runtime based on the best open source integration and application server options out there.  A slightly longer description can be found here.


What's in 2.0 Alpha2?

The biggest changes coming in 2.0 are support for other runtime containers, specifically WildFly, Karaf and Fuse.  In addition to getting SwitchYard running inside these new containers, we've added support for a few more Camel modules, added some debugger support to the tools, and fixed a number of bugs.  Here are the highlights:

  • SwitchYard is now compatible with WildFly 8, however BPM and Rules components are not yet available, nor is the console.
  • SwitchYard is now compatible with Karaf 2.3, please see SwitchYard on Karaf for details on what's working and what you need to do to get what's working working.
  • Debugger support is now available in the tools.  The debugger allows you to set breakpoints on services and references and allows you to configure when those breakpoints should be enabled (e.g. when the exchange is initiated, before the provider is invoked, outbound transform, etc.).
  • New components:
    • SAP
    • ATOM/RSS
    • Bindy
    • HL7
    • Dozer
    • MQTT
  • Better stability when running on Fuse (use features url: mvn:org.switchyard.karaf/switchyard/2.0.0-SNAPSHOT/xml/core-features)

A list of all the issues that went into 2.0 alpha1 can be found in JIRA.

A list of all the issues that went into 2.0 alpha2 can be found in JIRA.



Where Do I Get This Goodness?

The SwitchYard Downloads page has all the SwitchYard bits and pieces.  The tooling can be found at this update site,  I highly recommend following the Installation Guide to install the runtime and tooling.  The guides are short, moderately useful, and 69% free of spelling and grammatical errors.

How Do I Learn More?