JUDCon 2014 - now in Boston!

In the past years, JUDCon editions held all around the globe has become a traditional place for JBoss users and developers to gather together, and share knowledge and ideas. Following the very successful JUDCon 2014 India, held earlier this year in Bangalore, comes JUDCon 2014 Boston, taking place at the end of this month, on June 28. While traditionally being held together with the Red Hat Summit, this year's edition will be standalone, as Mark Little explains. Not only that: this edition will also see a change of format, the traditional conference setup being replaced with a more developer friendly structured hackfest, as Arun Gupta explains in his extensive coverage of the event, where you can also hear Andrew Rubinger, who drives this year's edition, describe it to the last detail.

APAC Tech Exchange - from the trenches


Eric Schabell and Kenneth Peeples have published extensive overviews of the APAC Tech Exchange - an Asia/Pacific-focused Red Hat event, focusing on open-source new technologies and featuring an array of presentations and hand-off labs, which took place between June 10-12. This year's event was held virtually, but by no means it was less interesting - and you can learn that by reading their day by day accounts: Eric's about his Openshift Primer, as well as his BPM and BRMS workshop), and Kenneth's about his presentations on JBoss Middleware Security, Data virtualization with Docker, as well as Fuse Service Works with Docker, Fuse on OpenShift, and Data Virtualization and Big Data.

Testing with Aliens


On the Arquillian team blog, Thorben Janssen provides a detailed introduction to testing JPA type converters with Arquillian. While the focus is a specialized use of the more generic JPA persistence testing use case, it provides an excellent introduction and references to Arquillian JPA persistence testing in general, as well.


Meet Fabric8 (and get a DevOps outlook to it too)


If you're building an enterprise integration solution and looking for an open-source platform to base on, you should really take a look at Fabric8, which sits at the core of JBoss Fuse 6.1. To help you Christian Posta has published two excellent articles, one to get you started on the platform, and the other addressing fabric8 from a DevOps perspective. You can access them directly, or through Claus Ibsen's blog post.


Secure reverse proxies for Wildfly with Apache 2.4

Placing your application server behind secure reverse proxies is common practice when designing a system's architecture, especially one that targets a web audience. Often, the combination of HTTP/HTTPS server and application server has its own specifics, so it's helpful to have a guide in each particular case. To keep you in touch with the latest technology, Maurice de Chateau provides such an example for Apache 2.4 and Wildfly 8 (8.1.0 Final) to be more specific.


Messaging with the Deuce (Immutant 2)


While Immutant 2 makes significant progress towards its final release, the team continues to publish articles to get you started on the new features. This week, Toby Crawley provides a basic introduction to the messaging API, which will be followed by a more detailed introduction to more advanced topics.


A new episode of Eric's online BRMS workshop


Eric has published a new episode of his online BRMS workshop, so it's time to catch up and see how to complete the details of the reward process. If you haven't watched the earlier episodes, it is a good time to do that, as well!



Upcoming events


Don't miss the Red Hat Forum in Antwerp, which will take place on June 23!