The SwitchYard team has finished up work on SwitchYard 2.1.0.Final.    This release features WildFly 10 support, improvements in the SOAP and REST components, HTTP reference improvements, and support for enabling endpoint and data format definition.


What is SwitchYard?


SwitchYard is a structured framework for developing integration applications using the design principles and best practices of Service Oriented Architecture.  It integrates really well with Apache Camel and JBoss Application Server, Karaf and Fuse, providing a runtime based on the best open source integration and application server options out there.  A slightly longer description can be found here.


What's in Final?


The Quickstarts have been tested inside and out and contain detailed instructions now for EAP, Karaf, and Wildfly.

A list of all the issues that went into 2.1 can be found in JIRA.


Where do I get this goodness?

The SwitchYard Downloads page has all the SwitchYard bits and pieces.  The Eclipse tooling, along with installation instructions can be found at this update site,  There's also a Docker image which can be found at


To get up to speed quickly, I highly recommend following the Installation Guide to install the runtime.  The guides are short, moderately useful, and 71.23% free of spelling and grammatical errors.


How do I learn more?


What's next?


SwitchYard will move to a future 3.0 Alpha.    Planned features for the 3.0 release are EAP 7 support, Karaf 4 support, Java 9 support, Camel upgrade, and improvements to the SOAP component.