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We are looking for 2 core developers and a release engineer to work on JBoss Developer Studio product and the JBoss Tools project.


If you are into Eclipse development, want to work with some of the greatest talent in the industry and aren't afraid to get your hands dirty then take a look at the following positions recently posted on


Core Developer - Webservices & SAP Integration


Core Developer - AS, OpenShift & Cloud


Release Engineer - Make it all work


p.s. no matter what the posting says these positions are available world wide in any country with a Red Hat presence.


If you want to hear more mail me at max.andersen at or if you already are ready to go then apply directly on the above links.


Have fun!


After a discussion with the SOA PMC it was decided that it would in the community's best interests to have the BPEL Designer project at Eclipse move to the SOA top-level project. This will promote the visibility of the project to a community that is more directly involved in the definition and use of business process design tools, thereby attracting developers with a vested interest in improving and maintaining the BPEL Designer code base.


The Restructuring Review documentation can be found here.


This move review is planned for July 7-13, 2011 and restructuring should be finished by end of July. Once this is done, the code will be merged with our  fork at and will become the official, fully supported BPEL tooling for JBoss Tools and JBoss Developer Studio. In doing this we hope to:


1. achieve better visibility in the open source community for the project and attract more contributors to help with bug fixes and enhancements

2. eliminate the need for keeping the and code lines in sync


Stay tuned for more updates... interested in trying out our milestone builds of JBoss Developer Studio 5 can now do so from our Early Access Site.


JBoss Developer Studio 5 is the next version of our Eclipse based IDE targeted for development on JBoss supported platforms.

This version of Developer Studio is based on JBoss Tools 3.3. We've not included every plugin from JBoss Tools but the plugins we found ready to bundle into Developer Studio. As we go towards the final version we will evaluate which plugins will make it in based on our own QE and your feedback.


This milestone, we've focused on migrating to Eclipse 3.7, JBoss AS 7/EAP 6 support and separated out the SOA tooling so JBoss Developer Studio 5 will not include Teiid, jbpm, drools, ESB and Smooks by default - these are planned to be available from our Extra's updatesite going forward.


As last time there are two versions available, one with JBoss Enterprise Application Platform for developer use bundled and one without.


Please note that currently we bundle JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 5.1, but we will be moving to bundle JBoss  Enterprise Application Platform 6 when that becomes available.


The bundled version, requires registration via this form, but the unbundled version of JBoss Developer Studio 5 is available for free download.


Once you have downloaded the jar installer, you simply run it by double-clicking the jar (if your setup supports it) or run the following from the commandline:


java -jar <devstudio-installer-path>.jar


Then the installer will ask you a few basic questions and it will install JBoss Developer Studio 5 from which you will be able to start developing instantly.


Instructions on how and where to give us private feedback for this early access is available here and otherwise we are listening in our public forums too

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