After a discussion with the SOA PMC it was decided that it would in the community's best interests to have the BPEL Designer project at Eclipse move to the SOA top-level project. This will promote the visibility of the project to a community that is more directly involved in the definition and use of business process design tools, thereby attracting developers with a vested interest in improving and maintaining the BPEL Designer code base.


The Restructuring Review documentation can be found here.


This move review is planned for July 7-13, 2011 and restructuring should be finished by end of July. Once this is done, the code will be merged with our  fork at and will become the official, fully supported BPEL tooling for JBoss Tools and JBoss Developer Studio. In doing this we hope to:


1. achieve better visibility in the open source community for the project and attract more contributors to help with bug fixes and enhancements

2. eliminate the need for keeping the and code lines in sync


Stay tuned for more updates...