These last weeks, we have been working hard to enable an exciting new feature of the Forge / JBoss Tools integration. The idea was to generate a popup with a list of plugins for which commands can be applied in the Forge console when a 'special shortcut' is pressed, much similar to the quick access feature in Eclipse.


To do this we needed to enable hidden communication of metadata from JBoss Tools to the Forge runtime and back. Today I am pleased to show the first results of this in the form of a first screenshot.

forge-ctrl-4-popup.pngAs you can see the popup contains a list of the Forge plugins for which there is a command applicable right after starting up Forge in JBoss Tools. The default way to bring up this popup is currently the key combination 'Cmd+4'.


Of course a lot of work still needs to be done for this to become really useful: all the applicable commands need to appear as children of the listed plugins and for these commands the different options need to appear somehow (probably as a new prepopulated popup). Afterwards the complete commands should be pasted into the Forge console view and executed.


Feedback and/or ideas are more than welcome!