European conference season is about to start and I and others will be out and about talking about JBoss Tools and Friends the upcoming weeks/months. Here is an excerpt of those I'll be giving or attending:


Switzerland - Puzzle event & Neuchatel JBUG

Tuesday, 18th October at Puzzle Tech Talk 2011, I'll be giving a short introduction on the various flavors of Red Hat OpenShift.


Wednesday, 19th October at JBUG Neuchatel, Thomas Heute and I will be giving a more detailed look into using OpenShift Express for scripting languages and especially Java EE development on top of JBoss AS 7.


JUDCon, London

Monday, 31st October I get the pleasure to attend my first European JUDCon where I'll be taking the stage a few times:


14:30-15:15 - Making Examples accessible - talking about the rare subject on how you make your projects examples easy to use and install from both command line and IDE's. Cancelled.


19:00-20:00 - Emmanuel Bernard and I will host a live JBoss Community Asylum podcast from JUDCon inviting speakers and community members on stage to answer questions from the hosts and audience.


20:00-?? - Lightning talk showing five approaches to deploy to JBoss AS 7 in five minutes.


Do not forget to Register for JUDCon !


EclipseCon, Ludwigsburg

This year EclipseCon Europe will be celebrating 10 year annivesary of Eclipse and we'll have two talks there on Thursday, 3rd November.


11:30-12:00 Fred Bricon will be giving his Workaround Driven Development : How Maven integrates with Eclipse WTP talk where he will show m2e-wtp and talk about the challenges making it happen within the boundaries of Eclipse WTP.


15:30-16:00 I'm presenting on the Good, Bad and Ugly sides of using Tycho for building Eclipse plugins.


Devoxx, Antwerp

My favorite conference in Europe - primarily because of its awesome venue but also that I get to meet up with a large bunch of JBoss colleagues and community members.


Tuesday, 15th November at 13:00-13:15 I'm doing a Quickie talk covering how to Deploy JEE applications to OpenShift


You'll also find me hanging out/talking at the BOF's concerning JBoss technology: CDI, what comes next, JBoss Application Server 7 and Seam Gathering.


See you there!

For those interesting in stalking conference speakers and events I recommend checking out, been using it extensively to be able to write the above pretty fast You can see my lanyrd schedule here.


See you out there!