Been a busy week and weekend preparing and arriving at EclipseCon which this year decided to move from sunny(?) California to rainy(?) Reston in Virginia.


EclipseCon is always a busy week for me, and this year is no different - below is a list of the “official” items I’ll be doing:


Tycho, still good, bad or ugly ?, Tuesday - a refreshed version of my talk from EclipseCon Europe talking about how many good, bad and ugly things we ’ve see in Tycho in the process of JBoss Tools moving to it from “good old, but crappy, PDE build”


Eclipse Product Showcase, Wednesday - I’ve submitted a new product showcase to the reception happening at EclipseCon. We’ll see if I make it in on time


Ceylon the language and it’s tools, Thursday - I’ll give an introduction to the Ceylon language and the Eclipse tooling built to support it.

Booth Bunny, most days - I’ll be hanging out in Red Hat’s booth this year together with Dan Allen from JBoss and a bunch of OpenShift guys; showing of the wonders of cloud and middleware tooling.


…and one more thing - but that is going to be a seperate blog - watch this space

Rest of Red Hat


The above is not all from us, we got a few others showing up at EclipseCon too:


Get ready to fight your technical debt, with Tycho, Sonar and Jacoco where Mickael Istria and his co-speaker from Pod Programming, Xavier Seignard will be showing how continous improvement can be made possible with the means of technologies such as Sonar, Tycho and Jacoco.


Persona Non Grata - Don’t forget the users when doing your designs! is where Brian Fitzpatrick will talk about how to use user personas as guide lines for development.


Integration and Functional Testing from the IDE: Where does it hurt ? a BOF hosted by Dan Allen on how Arquillian can be used for integration and functional testing and what challenges still lies ahead to make that work smooth from wtihin Eclipse.


Hands on with C/C++ IDE which is a tutorial hosted by Andre Overholt which guides you through how to get to use Eclipse developing C/C++ applications.


Jumpstart Java EE6 Development in the Cloud with JBoss Tools where Mark Atwood is bound to show off JBoss Tools and how it works with the JEE tooling and OpenShift PAAS from Red Hat.


Developing Cloud Apps with Orion, Django and MongoDB - in 30 Minutes or Less is Mark now talking about how to use Eclipse Orion with OpenShift to do Django and MongoDB development.


Mobilize Your MongoDB! Developing iPhone and Android Apps for the Cloud with Eclipse shows Grant Shipley going all mobile in showing how to do mobile apps development with OpenShift and Eclipse.


…and then there is all the BOF’s and bar’s where all the real work is done - looking forward to meet old and new friends.


See you there and Have fun!