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Earlier this week we pushed a bugfix release out called Beta2 for both JBoss Tools 3.3 and JBoss Developer Studio 5.0.


If you already have JBoss Tools 3.3.x installed you should get this update as soon as you use Help > Check for updates.


For Developer Studio you will need to either redownload or manually add the staging updatesite as described on


The bugfixes mainly relates to better handling of errors in OpenShift tooling and updates to Forge runtime making the CRUD generation work better.


You can see the full change list here



Burr Sutter have been busy and cranked out a whole series of videos showing of JBoss Tools and Developer Studio.


The topics cover how to install JBoss Tools and Developer Studio, Java EE 6 + Arquillian , Richfaces 4 Desktop w/Mobile, Forge, Google Web Toolkit, Maven, Hibernate Tools Reverse Engineering and Forge Reverse Engineering.


Burr walks you through how to use these various technologies from beginning to end all rooted in JBoss Central - a great way to get started with JBoss Middleware and learn about how to use JBoss Tools to make it even easier.


You can see them all on our newly fresh updated Movie page with either Flash or HTML5.


If you like the videos please login to vimeo and Like them or even better leave a comment on what you think or what other video content you would like to see.


m2e-wtp at Eclipse

I wrote about how we have proposed moving m2e-wtp to This should make life easier for Mave and Eclipse users overall and I'm happy to report we have received nothing but encouragements and good feedback on that proposal.


We will keep you posted on how things move along with the proposal and hope you will give it a try as soon as we have something posted and built.


Thank you for the support and Have fun watching the videos and trying out Beta2!

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