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With bits of JBoss Tools in it

On behalf of the m2e-wtp team, I'm pleased to announce the immediate availability of m2e-wtp 0.17.0, right on time to accompany the Juno SR2 release.


This 0.17.0 release primarily introduces new optional Java EE configurators, contributed by the JBoss Tools and JBoss Developer Studio team.



  • JAX-RS project configurator : installs the JAX-RS Facet to war projects having JAX-RS dependencies
  • JSF project configurator : installs the JSF Facet to war projects having a WEB-INF/faces-config.xml, JSF dependencies or defining a FacesServlet in web.xml
  • JPA project configurator : installs the JPA Facet to java projects having a META-INF/persistence.xml descriptor


Read the New and Noteworthy and changelog to learn more about the new features and fixes this version brings to you.


Installation and gotchas

m2e-wtp requires at least m2e 1.1 but 1.3 is *strongly* recommended, in order to take advantage of the eclipse-to-maven project conversion improvements, as well as some fixes in classpath resolution for launch configurations.


Since WTP's Dali project changed its API between Juno and Kepler,  so m2e-wtp is now available from 2 different update sites :


You can also install m2e-wtp from the  Eclipse Marketplace.


Please note that, m2e-wtp and JBoss Tools JPA, JSF JAX-RS Configurators overlap and can not be installed together.


  • In Eclipse versions prior to Juno SR2, if you try to update your Eclipse installation via "Help > Install New Software...", the optional configurators won't install because of the conflict with JBoss Tools. If you updated your version of Eclipse to Juno SR2, the m2e-wtp configurators should be seen as suitable replacement for their JBoss Tools counterparts.
  • For all Eclipse versions, if you add the m2e-wtp update site to your list of Available Update Sites, doing "Help > Find Updates" everything should update properly.


As always, the safest path to upgrade is to start from a clean Eclipse installation.


Destination Kepler

In the next version, we'll make sure Java EE 7 is given some proper love (i.e. make sure all the new upcoming Facet will be properly configured automatically).

And if everything goes according to plan, starting from Kepler Milestone 6, should be included in the Eclipse Java EE distribution.





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