• Wildfly 16 incorrect working log zip rotator

    Hello. My logging profile configuration is: 1) <periodic-size-rotating-file-handler name="FILE" rotate-on-boot="false" autoflush="true"> <level name="ALL"/> <file relative-to="jboss.server.log.d...
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    last modified by Igor Dmitriev
  • A jms.queue Prefix Added When Accessing Remote Artemis with Wildfly 16 Embedded Adapter

    Hello all,   I have configured the messaging subsystem on a Wildly 16 to connect to a remote ActiveMQ Artemis 2.6.4 using the embedded resource adapter. Queues are automatically created on demand.   I am ...
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    last modified by Felipe Fraga
  • Infinspan clustered counters and locks

    Hello. Wildfly 16.0.0.Final (and 17.0.0.Alpha1) doesn't include Infinspan modules for clustered counters and locks.   @Resource(name = "infinispan/mycontainer") EmbeddedCacheManager cacheManager; ClusteredLockMa...
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    last modified by Sergey Aganin
  • JBoss EAP 7.1 freezes while deploying EJB

    Hello All,   I am new to JBoss EAP 7.1. We are migrating an EAR application from JBoss EAP 5.1 to EAP 7.1. The EAR application is built using Maven and it contains EJB JAR, WAR, META-INF & lib.   The j...
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    last modified by Samuel Ebenezer A
  • EJB Invocation Over HTTP

    Hello everyone, I would like to use the EJB invocation over HTTP to call EJB deployed on Wildfly 16 or EAP7.2 since both support this feature. The EAP documentation states to configure both the client and the server...
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    last modified by Meissa Mbaye SAKHO
  • Only 14 servers connecting to mod_cluster

    Hi guys, I have a problem with the mod_cluster module on Wildfly 13.0.0.Final running on java version 1.8.0_171 on AIX 7.1: It doesn't matter which nodes of the 44 Wildfly servers I try to start up, only the first 14 ...
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  • Wildfly 10.1.0.Final ManagedExecutorService causes to increase live threads number

    I have a Timer class executed in every 10 minutes. I call a method of stateless session bean in this timer.   @Resource private TimerService timerService;   @Timeout public void timeOut() {   ...
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    last modified by Ahmet neolursun
  • Disable security for IIOP

    Is anyone else still using EJBs? We have migrated a legacy EJB from WebSphere to Wildfly successfully but disabling CSIv2 at Wildfly side causes problems. According to documentation all security should be disabled on ...
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    last modified by Mika Lötjönen
  • Provider org.apache.xerces.jaxp.SAXParserFactoryImpl could not be instantiated

    Hi,   During our migration from Weblogic to  Wildfly 10.0, We encountered an error regarding the SAXParserFactoryImpl class. A suggestion was made that the error might have been caused due to conflict with ...
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    last modified by Nibin John
  • XML schema file cannot be loaded

    Hello,   I am facing a problem with our application that runs on Wildfly 16. A small part of this system is responsible for importing data in XML format from external applications. We want to validate the incomi...
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    last modified by Martin Ganserer
  • Multiple threads after response.sendredirect

    Dear All   If I have the below code flow:   method1 {      method2();      stm1;      stm2; }   method2() {     ...
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  • Jboss EAP 7.0.9 GA having memory issues

    Hello,        I am using Jboss EAP 7.0.9 GA. After using it for some time, I will face  heap memory issue.I took a heap dump and analysed it and then i observed below error.   One ...
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    last modified by Pavan Jois
  • Hibernate jar clash in JBoss EAP7.1

    I have an ear application which uses hibernate5.2.17Final.jar. So I added the following in jboss-deployment-structure.xml to stop loading the default hibernate jars of the server. But I am still getting the below err...
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    last modified by Romit Saha
  • Not able deploy iar file in jboss 7.0.9

    ************************************ The batch failed with the following error (you are remaining in the batch editing mode to have a chance to correct the error): {"WFLYCTL0062: Composite operation failed and was ro...
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    last modified by mohd ansari
  • Migration from JBoss-5.1 to Wildfly-11

    Hello, there.   I have been working on an upgrade from JBoss-5.1/JEE5/JDK6 to Wildfly-11/JEE7/JDK8.   The application migrated is performing ok, but I am facing some issues related to database access, espe...
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    last modified by Marcelo Leite
  • Translation of WildFly Guides in Many Languages

    Have You made translations? May Bloggers do translations of WildFly 16 Guides in their blog with a commercial becouse it's a specification? This question to WildFly original authors. Could you answer to my e-mail from...
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    last modified by Dmitriy Sidyakin
  • Protecting Wildfly Adminstration Console With KeyCloak

    Hey there,   Theoretically it should be possible to protect the Wildfly Admin Console with SSO using KeyCloak. I tried to add this to am open source Docker image (fuinorg/wildfly-keycloak-microprofile) for makin...
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    last modified by Michael Schnell
  • ServletContext#setRequestCharacterEncoding and ServletContext#setResponseCharacterEncoding seem to fail to set the character encoding(WildFly16)

    Hello,   Does WildFly-16 support using ServletContext#setRequestCharacterEncoding and ServletContext#setResponseCharacterEncoding?   WildFly-16.0.0.Final supports Java EE 8(https://docs.wildfly.org/) , s...
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    last modified by Tomoki Sato
  • Disabling Undertow X-Powered-By in WildFly 8.2

    Hello,   Could anyone know how to disable the X-Powered-By for Undertow?  I tried doing that at the <servlet-container><jsp-config> level, but that only seems to disable the "X-Powered-By: JSP/2....
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    last modified by Carlton Zachary
  • Redhat Application Migration toolkit  / Windup for JBoss/Wildfly upgrades or migrations?

    Hi, For anyone doing or about to do a Wildfly/JBoss upgrade or migration from another app server environment, have you had any experience with the Redhat Application Migration toolkit (Red Hat Developer | Red Hat App...
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    last modified by Nuno Couto