• [io.jaegertracing.internal.JaegerTracer#<init>] No shutdown hook registered: Please call close() manually on application shutdown.

    I'm testing my application with WildFly Full 19.0.0.Beta3-SNAPSHOT. During deployment of my ear file with some modules and my war file I get a couple of Info-messages like this one: 19.02. 22:30:07,131 INFO  [i...
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  • Issue installing SSL certificate

    I have a VPS(centOS) on which wildfly 18 is installed.     - In the process of obtaining a certificate, i generated the .csr and .key file using openssl with a command as the following :     ...
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  • Configure Undertow as a load balancer

    Hello all, is it possible to configure a wildfly instance with undertow as a load balancer (done) and load balance to itself too (part of the server to balance).   Thanks
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  • JBoss 7.2 and Tapestry: can not access login url

    Hello, I am using JBoss 7.1 and Tapestry 5.3.8 and my project is working fine. Now I need to upgrade JBoss from 7.1 to 7.2. When I build war file and deploy in STANDALONE JBoss 7.2 it is working. But when I integrate...
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  • Failed to start service jboss.persistenceunit - NPE

    We are getting following error when deploy in a group which contains four nodes. The first 2 or 3 nodes started fine after deployment and remaining nodes fails. The issue is not to a specific node. Whatever the node, ...
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  • Moving this Community Space

    This community space is becoming read-only by 2020-03-01. Please join us on Google Groups for Q&A and discussions. You can also use Stack Overflow for Q&A if you'd like. Please use the wildfly tag if you use S...
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    created by brian.stansberry
  • Accessing WildFly management console  - Google Cloud platform

    Hello, I have a Google Cloud platform VM running with External/Static and Internal IP address.  I had trouble starting WildFly with External/Static IP address and so I tried Internal IP address and localhost 127....
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  • Wildfly Deployment timeout issue

    Hi,   Have been using wildfly 10.10. We are in migrating to wildfly 16, but keep getting timeout issue while seeing the logs after enableing have seen the below logs keep contiuing forever.   Please let me...
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  • How to disable SSLv3

    How to disable SSLv3 in Wildfly 8.0. Following configuration <server-identities> <ssl protocol="TLSv1"> <keystore path="https.keystore" relative-to="keystore.home" keystore-password="secret" al...
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  • Wildfly : invalidate all related sesions when a specific session is timeout

    Hi Following this thread Wildfly SSO, does it support session timeout and logout? My case is that I have some webapps that share authentication (SSO) As I digged in source code and read many threads, I found that ...
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  • dump jar paths in ModuleClassLoader

    Hi. For troubleshooting I want to see what the current classpath is. org.jboss.modules.ModuleClassLoader has no getURLs() method. Is it possible to get this info?   private static void printClassloader0(final P...
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  • TCPS Connection with oracle database

    can we connect oracle data sources using TCPS protocol with Wildfly 17.0.1?
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  • Elytron Remoting from non-WildFly context ignores ssl-context-rules

    Hi,   I am trying to remotely connect to a WildFly 18.0.1 server using a remote (non-WildFly) Elytron Remoting connection. This will be for a Remote EJB call.   I have disabled server side authentication ...
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  • Custom mail server display issue on management console

    Hi,   I am using Jboss-EAP-7.1. I defined a custom mail server as seen below. But when I check the configuration on the management console, the mail server definition comes empty. Attaching the screenshot for ...
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  • Batch subsystem in console

    I've found this old news about Wildfly 13: Batch Subsystem in WildFly 13 Admin Console   In this news it's possible to see the following:     In wildfly 17.0.1 I don't find runtime monitoring for j...
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  • UriInfo.getBaseUri() returns different value in WildFly 13 and Wildfly 18

    My apache redirects https request to an internal Wildfly (WF) with `ProxyPass`   The webapp deployed in WF uses javax.ws.rs.core.UriInfo.getBaseUri() to obtain the uri.   Under WF 13 the returned scheme va...
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  • JDBC and DataSource Access Logs from Filters and Valves

    The GitHub open source project “JDBC and DataSource Access Logs from Filters and Valves” provides a Filter that can replace the Tomcat Valve JDBCAccessLogValve, which was available to earlier JBoss version...
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    created by bobkirby
  • Cannot get CRL certificate revocation via distribution point working

    Greetings,   Having trouble trying to get certificate revocation via distribution point working. Hoping for some guidance.   I am able to successfully implement CRL revocation via a locally saved .crl fil...
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    created by vetruvian
  • Request for release version of Wildfly with fix for issue LOGMGR-153

    Hello Team,   We see an outOfMemory exception on testbed running Wildfly 2.0.0 every few days. Java heap space runs out of memory and Wildfly sends command to shutdown server or application process. This causes ...
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  • Wildfly messaging-activemq statistics

    Hello there,   The issue described here is about a JEE7 application running on Wildfly-11.0.0-Final.   Basically, this application produces messages in a queue. This queue has a fixed number of consumers/M...
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    created by mleite