The DC JBug group would like to thank Manik and the local DC Java Users group for helping to put on a great talk.  We were fortunate that Manik didn't have the same level of difficulties as one of his earlier talks had.  Also very glad to see some smart people from Terracotta make the drive down and add some great questions to the conversation.  It was one of those unusually nice early spring days in the DC/VA area so it was great to see that 40-50 people decided to combat the spring fever and make it out to here Manik talk.


For those that were unable to make the talk, Manik gave largely the same presentation that he gave to the Chicago and Milwaukee groups, so looking at the slides here should be a good start. I'm sure that checking out his blog will also prove to be fruitful in the future.


It was a good overview of JSR 107 and 347, Infinispan and Hibernate OGM - complete with code examples.  And kudos for a fairly succint explanation to the CAP Theorem.  Most of all, we always love when a speaker minimizes the slides, cracks open his IDE, and starts running live code.


In-memory Data Grids are definitely the next big thing in Web Architectures ( ) and as the saying goes, 'Ram is the new Harddisk'.  It's great to know that while JBoss is leading the charge in driving an open specification - Certainly, the DC/VA area with its proximity to the US Government and desire to solving big data problems will be keeping an eye on Infinispan and distributed data grids.