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This years jbug series

Posted by tkirby Feb 6, 2013

Apologies for the gap in the jbug series. We've had a problem getting speakers at the start of the year. However we start with a bang, with two talks and two remote speakers.

The session on the raspberry pi is introductory but will cover a range of possibilities, If you have pi experience we would love to hear about your favourite libraries and utilities.

Jesper is coming across from Boston to talk about IronJacamar. As well as giving interesting talks, Jesper is involved in the Boston JBUG.


The rest of the year is looking promising with a lot of talks covering a wide range of subjects. We will also be doing some hands on lab sessions for those who want to get their

hands dirty. If you have an urge to give a talk or if you would like a talk on a psecific subject then let me know and I'll try my best.




August Agenda announced

Posted by tkirby Aug 8, 2011

This month we are going to give you a chance to play with our new app server as we have an AS7 hackathon. This is a hands on coding session but there will be team leaders to explain what is going on if you are not an app server guru. Apologies for the late notice, unfortunately I've been rather distracted by an illness in the family. We should be back to  normal next month when we are intending to show how you can get AS7 running in the cloud.

It was nice to see so many new faces last night, hope you enjoyed it. As promised here is the link to the keynote . This page also contains links to the blogs about the technology behind the keynote demo.


The Developers Conference, JUDCON preceeded JBoss World. Several of the presentations were recorded, if you are interested the slides and videos can be found here .


June Meeting

Posted by tkirby Jun 13, 2011

Just a reminder that the June Meeting is showcasing the jboss world Keynote demo and Mark Little will be giving his view on the future of middleware. Full details can be found  at


Please note that if you are going to be late you need to let me know so I can open the door for you. The usual refreshments will be provided for the post talk chat.



Pete Muir gave a great talk on Java EE 6 and CDI last night. I've had requests for the example he used during the talk, so here are the details:-


The pastebin example that Pete used to demonstrate the features of CDI can be found at


If you are wanting to run it on AS7 then use the version at  instead. These changes will be merged into the main version once  timer support is added to AS7


For those who want to look at Weld it can be found at


Next months talk will  be about the JBoss World keynote demo. We will recreate the demo and discuss the technologies used to build it. The demo went down a storm at jboss world so it should be another good session.


April Meeting

Posted by tkirby Apr 6, 2011

This will be held in the Inex building again. Kevin Conner will give a talk on AS7. Those of you who have downloaded the early betas will already know that this release is rather different to previous ones.


Also coming up is JBoss World and JUDCon which is  the developer conference.  JUDCon will be happening on May 2nd and 3rd in Boston.Details can be found here . As a jbug member you can get discounted entry, please let me know if you are interested. As per usual JBoss World and the Redhat Summit follow JUDCon, if you are interested in those events details can be found here .

The slides for Febs talk  have been attached to the Feb agenda if anyone wants them.


For those of you who asked me questions at last months meeting   here are some answers.


1) What is happenening with JBPM?


JBPM5 is out in the community and there is a nice webinar  about it   here

There is an interview with Kris about jbpm5 and what it  provides available here and Mark Little

discusses the future of jbpm here


2) Is there a new SOA release coming out ?


      There will be an announcement on Wed March 9th.


3) What happened to the Metamatrix products, are they available still ?


The MetaMatrix products are being superceded by the Enterprise Data    Services Platform. Teiid and Modeshape

are the open source projects    providing data virtualization and metadata repository capabilities  and are available

in the JBoss community.   


Teiid appears in the Enterprise Data Services Platform product.        ModeShape appears in both EDS-P and BRMS.





The second Newcastle Jbug is trying a different Venue to the first one so if you were at the first one please make sure you have read these directions. We are trying this change of venue as it makes the logistics easier but access is slightly more comlicated. There will be someone on the door from 5:45 to 6:15 to let you in, if you are arriving outside those times then please let me know.


This months talk on Byteman is more technical than last months overview and if people wish there will be some practical demonstrations on how to use it afterwards. If you have a partiular problem that you think that Byteman will solve then bring along a laptop with the code on and we will give do our best to solve it.

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