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    Modifying j_username before calling j_security_check

    Anodos Newbie

      I know this comes up a lot, but after searching around, I haven't found any good answers. Basically, we have three requirements:
      1. Since we may deploy to different J2EE containers, we cannot use container specific extensions (though we are using JBoss for development).
      2. We must use servlet spec authentication. This means j_security_check
      3. We have to modify the username that the user enters before submitting to j_security_check.

      I think it might be possible by posting to our own .jsp, doing the username modification, and then using redirect to j_security_check, but then the username and password would be encoded in the URL, which leaves a bad taste in my mouth. We have already tried "forward", but that just doesn't work (we tried this on the latest development release of JBoss 4) - Tomcat gives us a 404. The other option would be to use HttpClient and POST to j_security_check. We haven't tried this yet, but I did see one person who suggested in this forum. Has anyone tried this approach? How did you handle forwarding the client to the page they were intending to reach after POSTing to j_security_check via HttpClient (since HttpClient will receive the redirect, not your client's browser)? Does this even work, or will Tomcat croack on this approch as well?