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    A very Simple Question

    Bob Newbie

      As part of JBoss 3.0.3 is an app called 'JMX Agent View' and it is deployed as a directory called jmx-console.war in the normal server\default\deploy directory.

      Q1. Is this directory just an alternative way to deployment instead of using a war file (created with jar). Any advantages in using a .war directory in place of a 'normal' war file?

      Q2. If I simply copy this jmx-console.war directory with its contents and rename it to say foo.war, I would expect to be able to point my browser to and run the same app. Obviously this time using 'foo' as the new web context (rather than jmx-console as before).

      foo.war deploys into JBoss OK, but the browser reports an error:

      'Unable to compile class for JSP'

      Why is this - only the web context has changed - hasn't it?

      Many thanks.