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    Web Service URL

    phillip pollard Newbie

      Can someone please explain the parts of the URL in a web service running under JBoss 4.0.3.

      For example, my URL is http://localhost:8080/helloSettings/HelloSettings

      What is the difference between "helloSettings" and "HelloSettings"? In what config file are these named?


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          Jimmy Wilson Apprentice

          Not sure about how that is created exactly, but it has a lot to do with the EAR and EJB JAR file names (possibly the WAR filename, if you are not using EJB-backed web services).

          If you added a jboss.xml deployment descriptor to your EJB JAR (and possibly jboss-web.xml to your WAR if you are using a non-EJB backed web service?...not sure) you can specify a port-component-uri tag to override this behavior.