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    special types of Nodes

    yair friedman Newbie

      hi ,
      we have a basic JBPM based system , that supports process that is consisted os TaskNode type nodes .
      we want to insert Fork ,Join, and espesially Sub-Process type of Nodes .

      i have tried to add support to Fork Node , but it doesn't seem to work with our implementation .

      the problem is that in tis collection after these 2 lines :
      TaskMgmtInstance tmi = pi.getTaskMgmtInstance();
      Collection tis = tmi.getUnfinishedTasks(pi.getRootToken());

      i have only the first task , before the Fork , and not the task after it .
      why is it ?

      p.s. :
      i advance from the Fork node by doing :
      is it ok ?