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    InterceptorStack,type=Producer : run twice ?

    Antoine Herzog Master


      I am building an portlet interceptor to monitor the portlets processing.

      I have made an interceptor in the Consumer stack.
      and one in the Producer stack.

      the Consumer stack : I mean the service named : "portal:service=InterceptorStack,type=Instance"
      the Producer stack : the service named : "portal:service=InterceptorStack,type=Producer"

      the one with the ProducerCacheInterceptor, the WindowStatesInterceptor, ModesInterceptor, etc...

      In the log, I can see that the Consumer interceptor is invoked once. ok.

      but the Producer interceptor is invoked twice.

      one just after the consumer, and one that seems after the portlet has done it's job.

      I track only the render request.

      Why is it called twiced ?

      more important question : may be there is a reason for this double invocation.
      Then, how to discriminate them ?
      I want to know what is the second invocation....

      any information or tip is welcome...
      or any other interceptor that might be usefull to look at.