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    First Post!

    Damon Sicore Novice

      I'd like to be the first to welcome everyone to the Design of JBoss Wiki forum. Albeit, we've been using JIRA as our discussion for JBoss Wiki as we where hoping to use the JBoss Portal 2.0 Forums. Alas, we're actually going to port the jboss.org forums, all of them, to the JBP2.0 Forums. That's going to take some time.

      I encourage everyone to take a look at the JBoss Labs project for JBoss Wiki. Over the course of the next two weeks we will be augmenting the content there as it will be our primary place for communication combined with this forum.

      Main JBoss Wiki Community Site:


      There are links there... to well... wiki pages and to the JIRA project for the roadmap of JBoss Wiki.

      We are actively seeking contributors, and those of you that have already asked, thanks for all your help so far. Keep adding those feature requests and design comments. We really appreciate them. Now, let's move those conversations here to this forum where it is more open.