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    ESB evaluation

    Rishabh Chandra Newbie

      G'Day everyone,

      I am evaluating Jboss ESB for using it as a EAI platform. We need the EAI layer to support CORBA with Orbacus ORB, SOAP where we want to consume 3rd party webservices and also access a LDAP user store.

      After a read of Jboss doco I understand that SOAP is supported by ESB so I will be able to comsume 3rd party webservices But i am not clear about the support for CORBA. Can I assess CORBA servies at all? and if yes then Can i use Orbacus and not JacORB? Also How about LDAP.

      Also I want to be able to use the mediation router in ESB to route the messages based on type and content for all the above 3 types.

      Cheers guys.