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    Removing back-end nodes from mod_cluster in mod_cluster 1.1.0.Beta1

    Marek Goldmann Master

      I noticed that after I shut down JBoss AS (graceful shutdown) the node isn't removed from front-end. On front-end I have in httpd error log:

      [Thu Feb 18 12:00:25 2010] [error] proxy: ajp: disabled connection for (
      [Thu Feb 18 12:00:26 2010] [error] (111)Connection refused: proxy: ajp: attempt to connect to ( failed

      and the node is marked as NOTOK. It worked earlier with same mod_cluster version (both, front-end and back-end: 1.1.0.Beta1), it's a regression with JBoss AS M2? Or maybe it's connected with jvmRoute updated via JMX? I'm using cluster mode with HaModClusterService.


      After some testing: it looks like a new issue for me because when I shut down a back-end node (without dual jvmRoute) it is marked NOTOK and not removed immediately from mod_cluster_manager. After some time (5-10 min?) it is finally removed.


      This should be good behaviour when the node crashes, but not when it's graceful shut down (wasn't it so before?).