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    rich:panelMenuItem not working with IE7

    Chris Mathrusse Newbie

      I'm using the 3.3.1 SNAPSHOT libraries and I am using the PanelMenuGroup/PanelMenuItems. I have an action associated to my items as follows:

      <rich:panelMenuItem label="#{msgs.rptDailyMenuItem}" action="#{dailyReport.clearAction}">

      I have my navigation rule defined as a forward. All works well in FireFox 3.0.7, but in IE7 when I click on the menu item nothing happens. I added an a4j:log to my menu item to see what was happening and I received the following warning and error:

      debug[12:40:29,054]: Header Ajax-Expired not found, search in <meta>
      warn[12:40:29,054]: No ajax response header
      debug[12:40:29,054]: Header Location not found, search in <meta>
      debug[12:40:29,054]: replace all page content with response
      debug[12:40:29,054]: setup custom document.open method
      debug[12:40:29,070]: exception during write page content undefined
      error[12:40:29,101]: Error parsing responseXML Parsing Error: Whitespace is not allowed at this location.
      Location: Line Number 181, Column 123:
      <script type="text/javascript" language="Javascript">function dpf(f) {var adp = f.adp;if (adp != null) {for (var i = 0;i < adp.length;i++) {f.removeChild(adp);}}};function apf(f, pvp) {var adp = new Array();f.adp = adp;var ps = pvp.split(',');for (var i = 0,ii = 0;i < ps.length;i++,ii++) {var p = document.createElement("input");p.type = "hidden";p.name = ps;p.value = ps[i + 1];f.appendChild(p);adp[ii] = p;i += 1;}};function jsfcljs(f, pvp, t) {apf(f, pvp);var ft = f.target;if (t) {f.target = t;}f.submit();f.target = ft;dpf(f);};</script>

      This seems to work in IE7 if I change the navigation rule to redirect, but I shouldn't have to do that and that creates other issues.

      Thanks for the help...