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    How to suppress "Server Credentials required" screen in Eclipse

    baa baa Newbie

      I have 2 machines

      Machine A has "jboss community 5.0"

      Machine B has "jboss EAP 4.3"


      On machine B, I am trying to start the "JBOSS eap 4.3 runtime server" from eclipse. However I always get this warning messagebox.


      "Server credential required"

      "Your server is responding to JMX inquiries with a security exception. You can try entering new credentials below or can click ignore but deploying and stopping may not function."


      If I ignore it server starts but deployment does not fucntion well.

      How do I figure out what credentials it is looking for?

      If I use run.bat on machine B, I do not get a warning message. But I cannot use run.bat as I want to start the server from within eclipse so that I can use eclipse for debugging and auto generation/deployment of wsdd, etc.


      If I use machine A, with Jboss 5.0, I do not get the warning messagebox. The server just starts without asking for credentials.


      How do I suppress the credentials required screen on machine B?


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          Antoine Herzog Master



          this is not a topic about JBoss Portal : better see in the forum of JBoss Tools...


          what it seems, is that the run of the server inside Eclipse is not finding the credential.

          search option are :

          - are the config of the jboss server proper : check how is doing the run.bat file (with some "echo" comments in it).

          - check that the proper JRE is used to start the server (Java 5, java 6,...). "jboss community 5.0" is better with Java 6... see the release note and readme files in the root folder of the download.

          - check if Eclipse is starting the server with a different JVM, and how

          - check if the credential are obtained by network call and that eclipse allow the connection (proper host, proper port access)


          another way is to start the server on it's own, and then ask the debugger to plug into it.

          I am not sure it is possible, but it seems to, from what I have seen of the configuration options in eclipse (servers>launching options)


          hope it helps,

          JBoss Portal and GateIn (JSR-286), JSF, Richfaces, J2EE, Drools, BRMS.

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            baa baa Newbie

            Thanks for the response


            -The JRE versions are the same when I run from run.bat or when I start server from Eclipse.

            -run.bat adds to java_opts: -Djavax.net.ssl.trustStore=./Certificates/truststore.jks -Djavax.net.ssl.keyStore=./Certificates/keystore.jks -Djavax.net.ssl.keyStorePassword=admin23


            I set the same additional VM arguments when I configure the server runtime inside eclipse.

            However inside eclipse I continue to get the credential required box. Whereas while running run.bat I never get a credential required box.


            How can I attach eclipse to  a server started by run.bat?

            Is there any other way to skip the credentials box inside eclipse?


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              baa baa Newbie

              I also see a message inside eclipse which says :


              "One or more ports have an invalid value. This may adversely affect the tooling's ability to interact with the server."


              This message shows up when the "JBOSS server eap 4.3 runtime" properties is opened up in eclipse.