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    JBoss tools RichFaces (aka the Visual Editor) exhausts heap?

    arjan tijms Novice



      On a Ubunu 10.04 system (64 bits, 2.66Ghz Quadcore, 4GB RAM), one of my co-workers has huge problems with the JBoss tools RichFaces plugin (the JSP/JSF editor) on Eclipse 3.5.2 with JDK6u18.


      Simply installing it causes a huge delay when starting Eclipse. After Eclipse has finally started, everything is really slow. With no JSP/JSF/XHTML files open in any editor, and only a java editor open, refactoring a simple method to change its name takes minutes and eventually crashes with either an out of heap space error or a GC exhausted error.


      As soon as the JBoss tools RichFaces plug-in is de-installed, everything is fast again.


      As a test we installed a clean new Eclipse EE edition, created a new workspace, installed nothing else besides the JBoss tool RichFaces plug-in, and via commandline HG cloned a Mercurial repository, from which we imported a project in Eclipse. Everything started to slow-down again.


      Incidentally, a few other computers with a very similar software installation (also Ubuntu 10.04/64bits/Eclipse 3.5.2/JDK6u18) don't seem to have this problem.


      Any idea?