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    Try to use the external database following document, but not work.

    Yan Wang Newbie

      HI! All,


      We are trying to use oracle database as external database for AS6.0. We are following the jboss_jca_guide. But encount several problems.

      1. 2.5 Change Database for the JMS services is invalid, see my previous post and kindly replied.

      2. 2.7 Specify Database Dialect for Java persisetnce API, there is no such file: <JBoss_Home>/server/all/ deploy/ejb3.deployer/META-INF/persistence.properties

      3. 2.8. Change Other JBoss AS Services to Use the External Database, we follow 2.8.1 The Easy Way. However, after we run jboss, it does not use our external database (I donot see any table is created in my oracle database). For sure, we change JNDI name in oracle-ds.xml and we put oracle-ds.xml to <JBoss_Home>/server/all/deploy/. We also remove <JBoss_Home>/server/all/deploy/hsqldb-ds.xml file.


      Anyone can give us the hints?


      Thanks a lot!